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30 August - 21 September 2024


30 August - 21 September 2024

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"I don’t want to make an adoption show! Too private, too personal, too intimate, too triggering, too scary, and too many ramifications you can't control!"

The Writer has broken this promise; this show is the consequence.

This is Twine—an adoption show. Meet Bark Sapling and Crone, they will take the Writer on a journey showing us all what our families are and all they could be.

Set in a forest of bloody eggs, ghost family members, vaudeville politicians and broken TVs, this is a twisted liberation. A story of how one shattering moment can transform multiple family trees for generations to come.

Inspired by a true story, this is a show haunted by Stuart Hall, bell hooks, Kat Slater (yes, that one from Eastenders) and Medea (yes, that Greek goddess). Taboos will be broken. Yearnings and desires will grow deeper—richer and riskier—than we ever could have imagined.



Commissioned by The Yard Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, Live Theatre, Theatre in the Mill & Cambridge Junction with support from the Stobbs New Ideas Fund. With support from ‘Support Not Separation’ & the foster parents, adopters, social workers, academics, artists & activists that have shared their stories.
Cast and further creative team members are to be announced soon.