Joyride Social
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28 March 2024

Joyride Social

28 March 2024



Transform your Easter Thursday with a Shibari workshop, a performance by Cnr Aphiliaeroti, erotic stalls, sultry tunes, tarot readings, and more.

No dress code. No play. No work the next day!

Intro to Shibari Workshop

At this workshop with Conor Aphilia, you will learn about the history of Shibari Japanese bondage, basic ties to get started, safety & consent, where to find partners and more.

Cnr will be performing & demoing, with some opportunities for audience members to get tied.

Important Reminders

Consent is paramount. Do not touch people without their explicit consent.

Be mindful not to assume anyone’s sex, sexuality or gender. Ask for someone’s pronouns before using them.

No racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, body-shaming, ageism.

We welcome disabled and neurodivergent people at Joyride. We ask everyone to bear in mind that we each have different ways of understanding and communicating social cues.

Please let the Joyride Welfare Team know if you feel uncomfortable or see something that looks problematic.

*Doors open at 6.15pm for workshop ticket holders and 8.30pm for the mixer only.

**Please note that doors for the workshop close at 7pm, and we will not be able to admit latecomers. We advise coming down early so you can avoid the queues for the bar.

Joyride is a space to Rave, Play and Connect for the queer and the curious.

Centred on the values of joy, freedom and deviance, Joyride prioritises pleasure and exploration.

The Yard Theatre