Alexander Zeldin is awarded Quercus Trust Award and named Associate Director of Birmingham Rep.

We are thrilled to announce that The Yard’s Associate Artist and director of Beyond Caring, Alexander Zeldin has been awarded the Quercus Trust Award and has been named Associate Director of Birmingham Rep.

Artistic director of Birmingham Repertory Theatre Roxana Silbert said the theatre was “delighted” to be appointing Alexander  as associate director. “He is a unique, inspiring and exceptionally talented theatre artist and we know his vision will have a remarkable impact on the Rep and beyond,” she said.

Read the full article in The Stage

Reviews for Stink Foot


★★★★ “Proof Greek tragedy can work for a modern audience.” – The Stage
★★★★ “Hypnotic” and “imaginative” – Theatre Bubble
★★★★ “Ingenious” “Mesmerising” and “funny” – LondonTheatre1

Nominated for 3 Off West End Awards



A savvy, gross, messy #StinkFoot @YardTheatre feels like a pretty good reason to #LoveTheatre tonight.

Great #StinkFoot @YardTheatre = live art & synesthetic threats with humour and the great conflict of Classic Greek tragedy. High risk!

#StinkFoot @YardTheatre was fantastic gr8 use of lighting. As well as an entertaining & humorous modern take on Greek mythology.

Well I didn’t know what to expect but have been quite blown away?! Watch out for my review later @YardTheatre #StinkFoot

Loved #StinkFoot and the fantastic @YardTheatre – amazing performance space in totally unexpected area. #CoolerThanMe

@YardTheatre really enjoyed Stink Foot this evening. Messy and painfully funny. A triumph by @mrjeffjames

An extraordinary evening @YardTheatre. I’ll be thinking about #StinkFoot for some time to come. Down-to-earth, yet unearthly.

The costumes in #stinkfoot @YardTheatre are genius. Misteeq meets Mrs Trunchbull

Stink Foot by @mrjeffjames @YardTheatre is great! one of the most hilarious endings ever ft piano house made by the one & only @_jonmac_

What an absolutely absurd and thrilling evening of theatre @YardTheatre #StinkFoot Proud seeing a fellow LAMDA actor in this amazing piece

Really enjoyed #StinkFoot last night @YardTheatre. Very messy in the best of ways, and definitely bold and original.

Jay Miller talks to The Stage

The Yard’s Artistic Director Jay Miller spoke to Catherine Love for The Stage about taking risks, supporting artists and creating a space which feels like an experience. Click the article below to view it in full screen.  Jay Stage 30-10-14

2015 Open Submissions


Each year, we programme a ten week collection of new work. We believe these collections are vital in discovering new artists and offering people a platform within the theatrical landscape. In offering artistic and producing support and by keeping ticket prices low, we create a safe environment for both artists and audiences to take risks.

We will be programming ten companies through open submissions and giving them The Yard for a one week run of their show between Tuesday 14th April to Saturday 20th June 2015.

Are you a student with a script? An artist with an idea? Maybe you’re a plumber with a play just waiting to be made. We want to hear from you.

Make sure you read our OPEN CALLOUT DOCUMENT. It will tell you more about the collection and how to submit your ideas. If you have any questions, please email and we’ll be glad to answer them.

Finally, don’t forget to take a look at what’s on at The Yard this season. The best way to find out more about the work we make here is to come along and see it for yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The Yard Team


Critics and audiences love ‘The Hundred We Are’.

★★★★ “Warm” “Desolate” “Provocative” – The Upcoming

★★★★ – “Comical, urgent and full of pain.” – Theatre Bubble

@MadeleineTGD Really enjoyed @hobotheatre‘s #100weare @YardTheatre. Poignant and comical at the same time, and seriously impressed by the talent :)

@cazza_ellis #100WeAre @YardTheatre – charming venue! Strong cast and quirky concept.

Catch The Hundred We Are until Saturday 8 November. Quote ‘WEARE10′ online and pay £10 tickets for performances this week (Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 October)


What the press are saying on These are your lives.

★★★★ “A bold, sharp debut from new dance company Geste Records”
The Stage

★★★★  “Well worth experiencing.” Hackney Gazette

★★★★ “Heartbreaking, funny and discomforting all at once.”

“Tom Cruise’s ridiculous media-friendly artifice is deconstructed, smile by smile, finger gun by finger gun.”
Churlish Meg


Tickets are selling fast for These are your lives. You can book online here.

The Yard needs you!

We are looking for volunteers to help with the smooth running of events at The Yard. You’ll be able to see how our shows are brought to an audience, gain vital experience in a customer facing role, and get to meet with members of The Yard team. There’s complimentary tickets, and even a cheeky discount thrown in for you as well!

For more information, and to apply, please see our Work With Us  page.

A day in the life of…Cat Gray


Cat Gray is the General Manager at The Yard. She looks after the building, bar and kitchen staff, books in our fantastic chef residencies, and is also our go-to finance whizkid. We caught up with her to find out what an average day looks like.

“I usually wake up at 7:15am, shower, have my compulsory cup of tea, and two pieces of toast with jam.

I’m out of the house by 8:45am and on the train for 9:00am. I like to read on my journey, and I’ll give most fiction a go, but I love a good mystery. I get to Hackney Wick for about 9:45 am and first things first: Heather, our marketing officer usually makes everyone a cup of tea – we’re tea addicts at The Yard in case you hadn’t guessed! Then I check my emails for anything urgent.

My day hugely depends on what we’ve got going on in the theatre or bar, but regular jobs for me include processing the bar and box office takings, paying suppliers, or I’ll be doing payroll or an exciting VAT return!

I normally make my lunch at home, and often it’s leftovers from the night before. (Yardies usually tease me about my leftover moussaka, but they’re just jealous.)

My afternoon can include anything from meetings with colleagues and staff I manage, to writing contracts for events or hires. At The Yard we do a range of events from film festivals, to club nights, to weddings, so there’s always a new challenge. Right now I’m working on updating our front of house procedures, and putting a volunteer pack together.

At 5:30 I brief our front of house staff about the evening’s performance. Then at 6:00pm it’s off home, or to the theatre- I’ll often have a press night to attend. Otherwise, I love eating out, and I’ve just got a new taste card, so I’m trying to work my way through the restaurants that accept them!”