Now on sale: Scan Artists by Evan Placey

When faced with the ‘Big C’, how do a group of teenagers seek to define themselves beyond the label of their illness?
That’s the question asked in award-winning playwright, Evan Placey’s play, Scan Artists. This new piece of work, presented by The Bridge Theatre Company, (students of the renowned BRIT School), explores the reality of young people living with cancer, breaking taboos and addressing the impact this devastating illness has on the lives of countless young people across the UK.

The Bridge Theatre Company are a group of 18 year old actors based at The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology.  Talking about the new piece, Evan Placey, playwright says “The young BRIT actors bring a rawness and an energy to the piece that allows truth to come through. It’s also a rare opportunity to get to work with emerging young actors, and the talent of tomorrow. I think the play is relevant to young adults and (old) adults alike. Even when we’re all grown-up we still sometimes forget to stop and take stock of our lives, question who we are, and who we want to be/what we want from life. Through young characters battling cancer, part of their journey is facing these big questions.”

The Yard continues to be a home for new work in London and we are delighted that the young emerging talents from the BRIT School chose to use our theatre space to premiere this new piece.
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Audience Feedback: This is the Moon, That is the Earth (We Are Here, We Are Here)

This is the Moon, That is the Earth (We Are Here, We Are Here) runs at The Yard from 8 – 12 April. Following their work-in-progress showings at Ovalhouse, Matt and Matthew A.K.A Gameshow, asked for feedback from their audiences. This is what some of them had to say…

  • “A VERY enjoyable, exciting, though-provoking and messy way to spend an hour. I LOVE how much you are playing with each other and with your audiences. It all feels VERY loaded and exciting.”
  • “You really won me over. Hilarious (in all senses) and moving”
  • “You are brilliant together… Alongside the show addressing the desire to be famous and childhood dreaming I thought it made inroads into talking about masculinity, concepts of what a man should do and male competition.”
  • “I had fun… It reminded me of that kids book about the bear that wanted to go into space with a box on his head… like that book but on acid.”
  • “An inspiration to maybe go out and do something very dangerous and reckless”"It really made me think – friendships, relationships, play, how you value yourself”
  • “You’ve got a good thing going, whatever it is.”
  • “I was scared/excited you might get totally naked.”"Delicately arranged. I enjoyed being led on imaginary geographical expeditions. I like the idea of a friendship under pressure and the context of this being played out in space feels strong.”

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What our audiences are saying: Week 6 of N.O.W ’14

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  • ‪‪@Tommy_Murray1‬ Interesting stuff from @richardpettifer at @YardTheatre last night. Put the idea of a performance in a whole new perspective for me. #yard
  • ‪‪@HannaQuigley1‬ Totally recommend you catch #das_spiel with @PhilippOberlohr @YardTheatre ends this Saturday…totally engaging, fun & surprising.
  • ‪‪@magichristopher Refreshing and creative interactive magic @YardTheatre. Only two nights left, catch it! #DasSpiel
  • ‬‪‪‪@theatreofwords Greatly enjoyed show tonight @YardTheatre – super story telling in a fab space.
  • ‬‪‪‪‪@B_e_r_n_‬ Go see Das Spiel by @PhilippOberlohr and #EndofSpecies by @richardpettifer today or tomorrow @YardTheatre before the world ends! #NOW14.


What our audiences are saying: Week 5 of N.O.W ’14

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  • ‪@bhayes89 @RobertAuton has a face. He also has a show about his face and other peoples faces. It’s bloody fantastic
  • ‪@rannygazool The two shows on @YardTheatre this week are both extremely well crafted and performed. Can’t recommend going highly enough. @StampEllie
  • ‪@EelEnimsaj Great night @YardTheatre with @SadieEdginton awesome double bill from @RobertAuton and @StampEllie! #now2014
  • ‪@rannygazool @RobertAuton best show I’ve seen in a while. Congrats and good luck going forward with it.
  • @jensomelunn Great show by @StampEllie tonight. Can’t stop singing suspicious lives! And seeing meaning in numbers everywhere!! Xx
  • ‪@TomAdamsSeagull Well done @RobertAuton I could watch you say your words for hours.
  • ‪@YveBlake Humans of LDN, see @RobAuton’s FACE SHOW & @StampEllie’s ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT @YardTheatre before sat. They will help you be Human.
  • ‪@YveBlake ps. book now for @StampEllie’s ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT quick smart @YardTheatre because I’m pretty confident this funfest will explode.
  • ‪@SadieEdginton @EelEnimsaj @YardTheatre @RobertAuton @StampEllie Yeah!!! Loved it. Rob so funny and Ellie so elvis…
  • ‬‪‪@LaurieBolger Life is about powerful people who affect you, no bullshit. @RobertAuton is 1 of those. Go & see his show @YardTheatre #faces
  • ‪‪@JennyJenTyler‬ Thank u @RobertAuton & @StampEllie for 2 very thought-provoking, entertaining & moving shows @YardTheatre 1st visit & can’t wait to go back!
  • ‬‪‪‪@jamestfritz‬ So @StampEllie has a cracker of a show going on over at @YardTheatre . On all this week so go. The kitchen is also serving a lot of cheese.

N.O.W ’14 Week 5 : The Face Show & Are You Lonesome Tonight runs until Saturday 8 March.

What our audiences are saying: Week 3 of N.O.W ’14

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  • ‪@tomthetwitHad an amazing evening seeing fab shows TheDrownedGirl and @TomAdamsSeagull at @YardTheatre – full of vibrant and poignant new storytelling.
  • ‪@missdianemorgan‬Saw @TomAdamsSeagull in Still Score @YardTheatre last night. It was so funny and moving. Absolutely brilliant. Treat yourselves and see it!
  • ‪‪@jonopie‬Show of the week for me is @TomAdamsSeagull’s Still Score at @YardTheatre. Winning one-man musical w/expert looping!
  • @ChloeMashiter‬Great time watching @TheDrownedGirl last night – brought to tears by the end, and nice reminding myself what a great space @YardTheatre is
  • @PhilippOberlohr‬I just saw #StillScore by #TomAdams – great show!!! Make sure you go and see him @YardTheatre
  • GoGoGo! #NOW14


Want to develop and perform your work at The Yard?

The Yard: Collaborators

In 2011, we converted a dormant warehouse in Queen’s Yard, Hackney Wick into a performance space. Three years later The Yard is a multi-award winning theatre, bar and kitchen, with a brilliant reputation for nurturing great new work in London.

The Yard is all about new theatre; it is what we love and it is the reason that we exist. Normally shows are on for five nights. The way that we are doing things is changing. We are now accepting submissions and offering opportunities for artists to develop and perform their work over a longer period of time (3-4 weeks).

We’re taking a step forward. We can’t do this without you.

You might be a writer with a script, a designer with an idea, an insurance broker with a burning- never-let-me-go desire to make something for a live audience. Get your idea down on paper and send it to The Yard. We want to make something happen with you.

Click here for more information and to find out how to submit your ideas.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 3 March

Right here, right N.O.W

Two weeks in to the N.O.W ’14 collection we’ve summoned a Horse-headed boy, played baseball indoors (and scored a home run!) and unwittingly participated in a group therapy session. We’ve eaten ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp’ curry, soothed our Saturday morning heads with the aid of The Hangover Club and danced the night away at The Hive Project. We’re just getting started. Come and join the party.

Psst! During N.O.W ’14 you can see any 2 nights for £15 or any 4 nights for £25. Simply load all the tickets into your basket as usual the discount will be applied automatically when you reach the checkout. Big deal? We think so! We charge a £1 administration fee per ticket. Find out more.

In the theatre next week: Tue 18 – Sat 22 February: N.O.W ’14 Week

Still Score

by Tom Adams

Through comedy, storytelling and live music Tom creates a soundtrack inspired by found images and memories of his own life. In this show, we are all the storyteller. Find out more.

The Drowned Girl

by Kelly Jones

Kelly knew she wanted to be a mermaid the moment she gaffa taped a cornflakes box to her legs. Enter a world of reality drowned by fantasy. Watch Kelly become a mermaid.


Coming soon: Tue 25 February – Sat 1 March: N.O.W ’14 week 4

The Balloon

by Carolyn Defrin

Objects shift scale and drawings morph into video projection as two lovers negotiate the appearance and disappearance of their memories, trying to reach each other. Watch the trailer.

Guinea Pigs on Trial

by Sh!t Theatre

With pharmaceutical trials such as FLU CAMP being marketed to students and jobseekers as a way of making money, Sh!t Theatre ask – is ‘guinea pigging’ a good cure for an empty bank account? Find out more.


What else is new?

This week we have been happily working our way through a delicious cake from The Hackney Pearl and swooning over our beautiful new N.O.W ’14 flyers. The Yard’s Artistic Director, Jay has been listening to Nature Theatre of Oklahoma’s podcasts on OK Radio while the rest of us have been taking some lessons in techno, courtesy of Kanti, of The Hive Project. We enjoyed watching Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari’s show, Party Skills for the End of the World. Caroline Williams, one of our associates is working on The Knight of the Burning Pestle which opens at Shakespeare’s Globe on 20 February. That’s all from us this week. Hope to see you soon.

What our audiences are saying: Week 2 of N.O.W ’14

Week 2 of N.O.W 14: The Tom Hanks Missions and Something From Nothing runs for 3 more nights to Saturday 15 February.

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  • @annacmaguire Something from Nothing by @VacuumTheatre @YardTheatre is the best piece of theatre I have seen this year. Go see it. It’s on until Saturday.
  • @abblinsocksAbsolutely loved the Tom Hanks Missions at the @YardTheatre last night!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO SEE IT!
  • @AlKayeAlKayeGo see @lemonmadeup #tomhanksmissions @YardTheatre on now til Saturday. It’s flippin’excellent.
  • @CapeTheatreRC amazing piece by @lemonmadeup  @YardTheatre #tomhanksmissions crying tears of enjoyment from beginning to end.  #frontrowaudiences
  • @jen_pearcy @lemonmadeup homage to @tomhanks films & humanity is BRILLIANT #tomhanksmissions – see it at @YardTheatre before Sat!
  • @small_thinks
  • @VacuumTheatre loved “something from nothing” @YardTheatre last night. It’s weird in a v good way. Still thinking about it. Recommend it!
  • @BethEvs Wonderful life-affirming evening with @lemonmadeup and her #tomhanksmissions at @YardTheatre. Go go go!!

TFL Tube strikes

Due to likely strike action by TFL unions, the Underground will be affected for 48 hours between Tuesday (4 Feb) evening and Friday (6 Feb) morning.

If you are planning to visit us this week, London Overground is still scheduled to run as normal and it goes almost to our doorstep.

The Jubilee line is scheduled to run between Waterloo and Stratford every 5 minutes. We’re just a 10 minute walk from Stratford through the Olympic Park.

It might be busier than usual, so if you’re coming to see a show, give yourself a bit of extra time. You can always have a drink with us first!

If it is your first visit, here is some more information about how to find us.

Hackney Wick Station

N.O.W it begins.

Over the next 10 weeks, 20 of the most talented emerging artists and companies we know will be developing and sharing their work with us here at The Yard. Nurturing brilliant new work is what we do, and it’s what we love – we’ve even won a few awards for it!

We’d love you to come and join the party. It is happening right here, right N.O.W.

N.O.W ’14 – Week 1: Tue 4 – Sat 8 February

A double-bill of new work opens the N.O.W ’14 collection.

On the Night of November 28th

By Pablo Meneu

Find out more


by Live Beasts

Enter the realm of Live Beasts
Find out more
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Next week at The Yard: N.O.W ’14 – Week 2: Tue 11 – Sat 15 February

A double-bill of new work forms week 2 of the N.O.W ’14 collection.

The Tom Hanks Missions

by Fleur Alexander
Find out more

Something From Nothing

by Vacuum Theatre
Find out more
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Spoilt for choice? See any 2 double-bill nights in the N.O.W ’14 collection for just £15 or any 4 nights for just £25. Simply load all the tickets into your basket and the discount will be applied automatically when you reach the checkout!

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