The Theatre

The amphitheatre has been purposefully designed to accommodate both the epic and the intimate, with a mixture of Classical Greek and Victorian architecture.


  • 98 seats in rake, 12 in galleries, additional benches can be added to front.
  • Stage: Beautiful untreated concrete floor,
  • Floor to ceiling: Over 4 Metres

Lighting Stock

  • 4 x Source 4 @ 26 degrees
  • 2 x Source four iris
  • 2 x par birdies
  • 2 x RGB LED batons
  • 4 x 650w Arri
  • 2 x 1k Cantata PC
  • 2 x 1k Cantata Fresnels
  • 4 x Par 64 Cans


  • 2 x 18inch 600w active cabs, fliown or floor standing
  • 2 x 8inch 200w passive speakers rigged as delays
  • 1 x 400w rms powered mixer (amp/mixer combo powering passives)
  • 1 x 12 channel soundcraft M12 mixer
  • 2 x Shure SM58 dynamic vocal mic
  • 1 x Shure SM57 dynamic instrument mic
  • 2 x Behringer C1 Cardoid condenser mic
  • 4 x mic stand


  • 1 x Optoma EW610ST (short throw projector, fills back wall from 5metres back, can be repositioned)
  • 10m VGA cable back to operating position

The Bar & Kitchen


  • 80 seated dining, 250 standing
  • Fully stocked bar: Wet hires only

Current Regular Licensing hours

  • Mon – Thurs: Midnight
  • Sundays: 11pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 1am

* Please be aware a Temporary Events Notice will be required for events running after these hours (incurring a small additional administration charge). These must be filed with Tower Hamlets Council and paid for a minimum of 5 working days before the event, though a 3 week notice period is preferable.

Hire Rates

Bar and dry hire of Kitchen.

Cost includes support from the in-house Technician throughout.

Catering can be provided at a negotiated rate dependent on the event and a pre-agreed menu.

Make an Enquiry

For further hire enquiries of the bar or theatre space, or to request our rate card, please email Tamara Moore.

The Yard is a Hire Space approved venue.