25 April- 20 May

A play set in World War II about the moment when love confronts extremism.


3rd May, Writers’ Night: An oppurtnity for writers to meet and discuss the show

4th May, Young People’s Night: £7.50 tickets for under 25s

11th May, An Open Conversation: With the creative team and Artistic Director, Jay Miller


Elodie is 17. She’s French. She lets down her hair and puts it up again. She finds reflective surfaces everywhere. She tests new looks.

Otto is 15. He’s a German soldier. He brushes his hair to make the shape of his head more perfectly oval. He tries not to look at himself in the mirror.

It’s 1944. Elodie and Otto are experiencing love for the very first time. Outside, the world around them is exploding. Inside, the room shakes. Elodie and Otto’s bodies touch.

Fusing youth with old age, the past with the present, pop tunes with Stalingrad, THIS BEAUTIFUL FUTURE is about love in the extreme.

Written by Rita Kalnejais (First Love is the Revolution, Soho Theatre ★★★★★ – Time Out) and directed by The Yard’s Artistic Director Jay Miller (The Mikvah Project, LINES, Removal Men), This Beautiful Future is a show about the moment when love confronts extremism.

Creative Team

Written by Rita Kalnejais

Directed by Jay Miller 

Design by Cecile Tremolieres

Composer Jonah Brody

Lighting Designer Christopher Nairne

Sound Designer Josh Anio Grigg

Casting Director Sophie Parrott CDG

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