Tuesday 6 - Saturday 17 June

A new show directed by Chris Goode


“It feels like a tiger has just walked into the room, and I don’t want to bottle it and break eye contact.” Megan Vaughan on Ponyboy Curtis.

Two years ago, The Yard got in touch with Chris Goode. He responded with an idea. An idea that sounded too good not to test out.

Six months later we watched in awe as everything we thought we knew about theatre no longer made sense.

Ponyboy Curtis had arrived.

And returned in 2016. When the world appeared to fall around us, the Ponyboys were falling into each other. Colliding, kissing, tattooing themselves.

So, we invited them back. Again. This time for two weeks. In what will be the company’s most ambitious project to date.

We think we know what to expect, although everything you’ve just read suggests otherwise.

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