Here there are no stories to tell. There are no characters and no places. There is no such thing as society. There is no such thing as the ninety-nine percent.

There is only the LEPER COLONY.

The LEPER COLONY will be in possession of The Yard for eighteen days and nights to mark the transit of Venus.

Please take this as both a warning and a promise.

The Yard presents acclaimed film director Vaughan Pilikian’s first production for the stage in ten years: a return to the last dark age, and a premonition for the next, reflecting a world poised between ruination and transcendence.

Vaughan Pilikian’s award-winning films have been screened in cinemas around the world, with recent retrospectives of his work in London and Yerevan. He has also published two collections of poetry, and his paintings are in private collections in the US. He is Artistic Director of Unruowe.

‘Who knows? Who cares?’
Time Out

‘oddly mesmerizing… highly unsettling’
What’s On Stage

Leper Colony is a shot in the arm for the tired London theatre scene. It has split opinion down the middle as we knew it would. Come and decide for yourself on whether this is the end of theatre or a new beginning.

Vaughan Pilikian is interviewed by Jay Miller, Artistic Director of the Yard Theatre, about the themes of his play LEPER COLONY