Saturday 23 January

Tickets £15


High Frequency is an experimental electronic audiovisual concert taking place within our theatre in the new year. 

Line up: Jerobeam FendersonSetherianHanzo | Dr. Weinel’s Mezcal Animations

Jerobeam Fendersen presents his mesmerising live show using an osciloscope in a way not many have seen before! His performance will demonstrate how images & sound can be created simultaneously in harmonious, beautiful form.

Setherian’s sound is eccentric and surely will surprise you, he’s bringing some “post modular” toys from Berlin to entertain our ears in a contemporary manner while Hanzo will be on duty providing home baked projections, programmed by him in his old garage.

And that is not all! A screening of Dr. Weinel’s tripped out Mezcal Animations will welcome you to The Theatre and put you in a good mood.

Music in the bar afterwards from 10:30PM.. details to follow!

Dress Code: Psychedelic chic


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