Over four weeks in July. Dates TBA

See the future of theatre, for a fiver

For six years, The Yard’s mission has been to invest in brave and bold new ideas from the writing and performance world.

First Drafts is a festival that we have only ever programmed once before. Taking place over a month in July, the festival will see over twenty artists perform new ideas in front of an audience for the first time.

The festival will be a space to test new ideas from artists, combining the worlds of performance and script based practices. It’s a festival of untested ideas. It’s a risk. And frankly, it could go either way.

As a theatre though, it’s our job to take these risks. It’s also our job to invite you to take these risks with us.

In 2011, we started with the idea that our space would be open to artists who were trying to do something new. Something brave.

Today, we work with hundreds of artists around the country doing just that. And we couldn’t be more proud to show them off to you.

Previous work to come out of First Drafts includes Made Visible by Deborah Pearson and Removal Men by M.J. Harding. Two shows that we then produced as four-week runs in 2016.

With around twenty artists to be announced, The Yard can confirm that the lineup will include Company 3 (formerly Islington Community Theatre), Greg Wohead and Rachael Young.