21 March - 8 April

A play about violence, a society living in fear and the moment just – before.


At this point,
at this exact moment,
a man enters the stage.
A man enters the stage and
the man has a gun.

BIG GUNS is the prickling at the back of your neck, the faint taste of blood on your teeth, the could-be sounds of a strange figure in the semi-darkness. The YouTube clip you hope doesn’t load but can’t help watching.

Privacy. Pornography. Flat-pack furniture.

BIG GUNS is violence. Against others. Against ourselves. It’s paranoia. It’s a society living in fear. It’s the moment just – before.

Following the critically acclaimed In the Night Time (Before The Sun Rises), Gate Theatre, BIG GUNS is an unsettling new play written by Nina Segal and directed by Dan Hutton (Barrel Organ founding member).

Creative Team

Written by Nina Segal
Directed by Dan Hutton
Produced in association with Martha Rose Wilson
Set/Costume Design by Rosie Elnile
Lighting by Katharine Williams
Sound by Kieran Lucas


Debra Baker

Jessye Romeo

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