Britney Spears Custody Battle Vs. Zeus in Swan Rape Shocker
Lucy Hutson

This show is about external validation.

How do you know if you are a good person? How do you know how to act so people will like you? How should you dress so people will fancy you?

Britney Spears Custody Battle v Zeus in swan Rape Shocker is an autobiographical performance drawing on my experiences searching for Jesus, battling with my own consumerist choices, filling in mental health forms and attempting to chat up Women.

It is about my personal guilt and apathy, I wish there was a clear rulebook to follow but I cannot find one I agree with so I made this show.

“Lucy Hutson is one of the most exciting young makers I’ve seen in the UK for quite some time.”– Robert Pacitti, SPILL Festival Artistic Director

Lucy Huston’s work engages with capitalism and gender. She works with found objects and unloved artifacts and has performed in the genres of intervention, installation, one-on-one and solo shows. These works have been seen as part of SPILL Festival of Performance and City of Woman performance festival, Slovenia. Lucy is also a Steakhouse Live associate artist and an Escalator East Live Artist.

This show has been supported by Escalator East and Arts Council England.

By Mamoru Iriguchi

Mamoru is a magician’s assistant. She was a size 6 at the beginning of her career, a few decades ago. Now she is a size 38.

This has made her job a tad harder and more painful. When squeezing herself into a box to be sawn in half, for example, the saw blade now comes a little too close to her flesh. But don’t worry, she won’t give up her magical career just because of a few small cuts and bruises- not while her faithful fans keep coming back for more!

PAINKILLERS playfully explores physical pain, obesity and body image in the framework of staged magic, where physical pain ‘magically’ appears and disappears.

Mamoru Iriguchi is a performance maker and award-winning theatre designer. His pieces include Pregnant?!, Projector/Conjector and One Man Show (The Place Prize commission). His theatre design work includes Mincemeat (Cardboard Citizens, Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards). Mamoru is Artsadmin Associate Artist 2012-14.

PAINKILLERS is supported by Arts Council England, National Theatre Studio and Artsadmin.

Co-commissioned by Chelsea Theatre

“This is likely to be one of the oddest, funniest and sweetest shows at the [Edinburgh Fringe] festival this year…” – Tom Wicker, Exeunt Magazine ★★★★ on Projector/Conjector

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