Please note: The Inquiline‘s Thom Monkton is unable to perform due to complications following surgery, and therefore we regret that The Inquiline will no longer be showing at The Yard this week.


Theatre Beating/ Trygve Wakenshaw

A squid in an elevator! An exploding cow! A sheep that unzips! An ornamental Japanese lawn! What will happen? Nobody knows. Not even the squid…

Dive into the segmented brain of a deep sea cephalopod, in this multi-layered anti-sequiteur anarchy of imagination piled on top of imagination. Admist magic and mime and romance and explosions, a lonely and squiggly little fellow swims through a world of ridiculous and existential weirdness.

Gnarled fishermen! Evil whales! Poochie the Ill-Fated Puppy! Join Squidboy in his strange and poignant tale of an imaginary friend who makes imaginary friends who make imaginary enemies who make imaginary armies out of imaginary Scotsmen.

Squidboy is an absurd and wriggly mix of playful physicality, absolute lies, aquatic pride and mischief.

“Superb! A one-man hour-long tour through silliness and surrealism, magic and mime, weirdness and wonder” – Anthony Vawser, New Adelaide Theatre Guide

Written and performed by Trygve Wakenshaw

Ah Pook is Here

Joe Wild

Ah Pook is the Mayan god of death. John Stanley Hart is a newspaper tycoon, obsessed with immortality. Freed from time, the characters inhabiting the unfinished, unpublished graphic novel by William Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill stumble blindly to the surface. Sightless and featureless: a faceless, gaping mouth, sat at the centre of a control machine.

An intricate and deeply physical solo performance scrawls a sinister tale of control, decay and apocalyptic destruction. Burroughs’ voice embodied- like a death mask, bringing present the dead and confirming their absence.

Joe Wild is a performance maker and physical performer. This work has been created with the guidance of award winning performance artist Dickie Beau.

Watch the Generation Game trailer here.

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