If the Heels Fit

Killpussy Productions

The apocalypse is here and the world is falling apart outside so join Killpussy who has taken refuge in her costume shop. Killpussy’s costumes become our friends: from cheeky polka dots and naughty latex to a triumphant gold lame geisha.

Killpussy is a performer, part time wrestler and a regular on the alternative scene.
Lazlo Pearlman directs this solo show about finding your own truth and sense of adventure.

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How does a Snake Shed its Skin?

Slip Of Steel / Susanna Hislop

Margaret Thatcher is on a diet. Virginia Woolf is in a bucket. Marilyn Monroe is reading the dictionary.

So who is this woman with her head in a filing cabinet?

A show about definitions, diaries, diagnoses and to-do lists. One woman trying to make a one woman-show when she is not one woman.

Written and performed by Susanna Hislop and directed by Anna Ledwich. Developed with the support of the National Theatre Studio.

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