To Close your Eyes is to Travel

3Fates / Poonam Brah and Alice Hoult

A photographer protests at his own exhibition.
A writer spends 30 years in poetic isolation.
A hip-hop artist rejects ‘selling out’.

This is a theatrical event turned on its head, where the boundaries between artist, audience and actor no longer exist.

We invite you to encounter the body in protest, to close your eyes and occupy, invade, ambush.

3Fates work across art forms to make theatre through a practice of collaborative authorship. Following the sell-out success of RETURN at The Yard last summer, join us as we celebrate the struggle and beauty of making art.

Developed with The Copeland Colloquium at Amherst College, USA.


Dead Centre

A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn’t think he’d remember…

Arriving direct from a sell-out run in Dublin, Souvenir spins off from Marcel Proust’s In Remembrance of Things Past and borrows from a range of literary masters including T.S. Eliot, Beyoncé Knowles and Orson Welles.

Join Marcel as he struggles to turn the longest book ever written into a 56-minute theatre show- a giddy, freewheeling exploration of what Proust meant when he said “it’s better to dream your life than to live it.”

Arriving in London in the centenary of the novel’s publication, and written and performed by Bush Moukarzel, Souvenir marks the UK debut of new London/Dublin theatre company Dead Centre.

★★★★Irish Times
★★★★Irish Theatre Magazine