“Well-researched, cleverly constructed and superbly acted out… a rather innovative and magical piece of theatre” ***** One Stop Arts
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An old man burns what’s left of his past. A woman tips her husband’s ashes into the sea. A young couple watch fireflies flash in sync. In a chaotic mess of physical and virtual collisions, Isabel sets out to understand the relationship between thoughts and feelings and life and death.

Enter into a world of interacting rules and patterns, where city lights and constellations blink on and off like neurons firing in the brain. GAME OF LIFE weaves a web of stories that discover the ripple effect we have on those around us and the patterns in life that are only visible when we zoom out. Through the millions of tiny choices we make in our search for meaning, a curious spontaneous order emerges…

GAME OF LIFE is inspired by the mathematical phenomenon of ’emergence’ – the collective intelligence of ungoverned swarms. From the individual cells in our brains, to the cities we live in, to the vast communities we form online, emergence is a driving force in our lives.

GAME OF LIFE is being developed by Rose Lewenstein – a playwright with a background in contemporary performance, and Russell Bender – a theatre director with a background in science and software design.

£5 tickets available for every performance! Book early- they tend to go fast!

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