Artistic Director

Jay Miller

Executive Director

Lucy Oliver-Harrison

Finance and Operations Manager

Jack Haynes

Theatre Producer

Ashleigh Wheeler

Technical Manager

Mat Eldridge-Smith

Marketing Manager

Alex Krook

Music and Events Producer

Dan Hampson

Development Officer

Gareth Cutter

Local Programmer

Katherine Igoe-Ewer

Marketing & Producing Assistant

Lara Tysseling

Technical & Buildings Assistant

Jessica Barter

Bar Manager

Luke McCoy

Bar Duty Managers

Stephen Love & Katie Andrew

Front of House Team

Anthanasis Voutsas
Dimitris Chimonas
Enrica Miller
Flora Ming Chen
Jack Sheen
Natasha Jackson
Otamere Guobadia
Phoebe Hill
Scarlett Sheriff
Sophie Fagon
Sorcha Kennedy


Will Brady

Resident Assistant Director

Ruby Thompson

Artistic Associates

Alex Helmsey
Josh Azouz
Jude Christian
Cheryl Gallacher
Dan Hutton
Simon Holton
Greg Wohead


Practice Architecture:
Paloma Gormley
Lettice Drake
Henry Stringer
with Christopher Daniel

Board of Trustees

Christopher Daniel
Greg Delaney
Antony Gummett
Jay Miller
Robin Saphra
Carolyn Ward

Individual Supporters

Francesco Curto
Greg Delaney
Nicholas Hytner
Heather Perkins

Those who have helped make The Yard what it is

(this list is not exhaustive) :

Jack Abraham, Daisy Addison, Colette Auer, Michael Begent, Laura Collier, Oliver Cronk, Mathew Cunningham, Andrew Dickens, Dom Dickens, Matthew Drage, Lizzie Drake, Tansy Drake, Tim Drake, Esther Everett, Nina Feldman, Wendy Fisher, Ian Freshwater, Claire Gevaux, Lyndon Harrison, Matt Huspith, Eddie Keogh, Jake Lomas, Tanith Lindon, Kenneth Luk, Dave Marsden, Dash May, Caroline McCormick, Sasha Milavic Davies, Naomi Miller, David Mullen, David Pearl, Erik Perera, Oskar Proctor, Corinna Pyke, Alex Rennie, Sophie Samuel, Michael and Julia Samuel, Kirstie Sant, Simon Stephens, Greg Tyldesley, David Walker, Grace Walker, Sarah Weir, Jon Winn, Olga Winterbottom.


Thank you to our individual supporters.

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