Tues 21 Feb - Sat 25 Feb

7:30pm // 8:30pm

Vanessa Macaulay | Bio

Vanessa Macaulay is a recent graduate from Trinity Laban, where she studied MA Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance. During her time at Laban Vanessa’s research centred around identity, which coupled with her practical explorations into form, she used to explore conversations particularly around race, gender and performativity.

Rachel Mars | Bio

Rachel is a performer and writer. Her work interrogates the idiosyncratic cultural and political constructs that inform the way we operate together. Her latest projects have seen her tackle the uses and abuses of humour, invite young girls to smash her dad’s reject pottery to bits with hammers and create pop-up choirs to sing songs about envy.

Her recent solo and collaborative shows Our Carnal Hearts, The Way You Tell Them, and The Lady’s Not For Walking Like an Egyptian have toured the UK and visited the US, Canada and Australia.  

In the past couple of years she made work with the support of The Royal Court, Ovalhouse, Fuel Theatre, The Wellcome Trust, Cambridge Junction, Playwright’s Workshop (Montreal) Asylum Residency and The Orchard Project (NY). She is a finalist in the 2016 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award and an Artist Fellow at Birkbeck University. She regularly features on BBC Radio’s ‘Pause for Thought’, where she pretends to know things about faith.


Greg Wohead | Bio

Greg is a writer, performer and live artist originally from Texas. He prioritises a sense of the personal and the exposing, and his practice veers between writing and actions, hilarity and disgust, things that are obvious and things that are left unsaid.

He has toured to 46 venues in the UK, US and Europe, most recently with The Ted Bundy Project, Hurtling and Comeback Special. He has shown and developed new work with Battersea Arts Centre, Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest, Northern Stage, Forest Fringe, Orchard Project (New York), MAKE (Ireland), Bios (Athens), LAX Festival (Los Angeles), Fusebox Festival (Austin) and ArtPower (San Diego). He is an Associate Artist at The Yard and Shoreditch Town Hall.


Story #1 | Reviews

“It’s horrible. Brilliant, scintillating, guillotine catching the sunlight as it falls dazzling, but also horrible.” Maddy Costa, Exeunt

“Story #1 is like a live grenade thrown at television: a thrilling exploration of truth, fiction and the strange space between.” Jonathan Wakeham, Screenwriter

How to Come Out Black

Vanessa Macaulay

How to Come Out Black exposes the humour and horror of expectations placed on a racialized female body.

A satirical rap video circus that distorts and negotiates the vision of the black woman under the lens of pop culture and stereotypes. Drawing on music videos, make-up tutorials and twerking, How to Come Out Black combines dance, discussion and parody to interrogate the hyper-sexualisation of the black female body to the point of the absurd.

Story #1

Rachel Mars + Greg Wohead

“Imagine a bullfight without the bull: it would be a set of aesthetic manoeuvres, pretty twirls and pirouettes and so on – but there’d be no danger. The bull, crucially, brings danger to the party… that’s what the real is: the tip of the bull’s horn.” Tom McCarthy

Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead take Pixar’s 22 Rules for Storytelling and How Stories Make Us Human, make them fuck each other, kidnap the resulting baby and dance out a prophecy of its future life before its barely opened eyes.

A reflective consideration of how and why we construct narrative.

We promise no less than 110 minutes.

We promise real fictional characters.

We promise a plot.

We promise a surprise twist.

We promise a rupture.

We promise an ending.

This performance contains explicit sexual content and images and is therefore recommended for ages 18+

An Ovalhouse seed commission

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