Wednesday 21 - Saturday 24 June

Generation Arts


This is awesome

This is tricky

This is shit

I am shit

This might be ok

This is awesome

“If ever an example was needed for the power of theatre as a transformational tool, then here it is.” (Everything Theatre)

Generation Arts is a company of young actors from marginalised backgrounds, whose vital, unheard voices are shaping new work and transforming lives.

Generation Arts is a safe space which supports true creative risk taking and where the margins become a place of radical possibility.

As theatre-makers, writers and devisers led by director Ali Godfrey the company are immersed in all the stages of the creative process to make crucial new work with heart and integrity.

“Nothing short of remarkable. The future of theatre is calling from the wings” (The Upcoming ★★★★)

“Generation Arts – you are transforming the theatre landscape with heart, mind and soul and I am your biggest fan!” (Emma Rice, Artistic Director, Shakespeare’s Globe)

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