If you’re someone interested in making work at The Yard, you’ve come to the right place.

The Yard has a flexible programming structure, which means there are several different ways your work can be seen on our stage.

Our FAQs below offer suggestions of how you can get in touch with us. Before you do, please investigate our ARCHIVE to familiarise yourself with our programme to date, the productions and festivals, and who we’ve worked with, to get an idea of how the work on our stage sits between new writing and performance.

Our programme has two main strands:

  • Shows that run for 4+ weeks: these are in-house productions (work that The Yard develops, produces and funds), and collaborations/co-productions.
  • Shows that happen over one week: these include shows programmed in our annual festival of new work, touring shows or new collaborations with companies whose work we admire and want to support.

Sometimes we also host public readings of work in development or performances that happen outside the building (‘Walkie Talkies’), in and around Hackney Wick.

The Yard is not a regularly funded building, we fundraise on a project by project basis, meaning our relationship with each artist and production is adapted to provide the best platform for the work.

If you have an idea, a script, a work-in-development or a production that you feel belongs at The Yard please see our FAQs.

What kind of work is The Yard interested in?

The Yard is interested in work that explores the world we all live in. We’re interested in beginning new stories, and new conversations. We’re interested in supporting new voices that are unheard and raw.

The Yard is interested in work that sits between writing and performance, and all of the work that happens on our stage feels like it could only happen in a theatre.

How do I introduce my work to you?

Like all good things, relationships between artists and buildings take time to grow, it can take up to 12-18 months to get a show ready for our stage, so please be patient once you’ve contacted us.

Firstly, to stay on top of our latest programme and opportunities please join our mailing list here.

What else?

Invite us to see your work:

To get started we’d ideally like to see your work live, so send us an invitation to: info@theyardtheatre.co.uk.

Don’t forget to include:

  • Dates
  • Show title
  • Venue
  • What it’s about
  • Your contact details

Where relevant please also include links to any artist or company websites/blogs/video footage.

We’d be grateful for as much notice as possible when receiving invitations, 7-8 weeks in advance is ideal. The whole team see as much work as possible, and report back, though please be aware that we are a small and busy team so sadly we won’t always be able to make it to everything.

Send us something:

If we aren’t able to see something of yours live, have a think about how it’s best represented before sending us something to read or watch.

Please send your scripts, performance documents, videos or tour packs to work@theyardtheatre.co.uk

We care greatly about the trees, so please only send electronically.

NB: If you are sending a script, please note that whilst we are interested in adaptations and translations, we don’t mount revivals of plays or musicals.

On sending, you should receive an automated message to let you know we’ve received your email, we try to get back to everyone within three months.

How much experience do I need?


In the same season we have produced shows by first time writers, alongside artists with numerous productions under their belt. We’re interested in people trying something new in their practice. When we find an idea we like, we work with artists to identify the best platform for an idea, and go from there. There is no template for what an artist at The Yard looks or sounds like, we are interested in all voices and we are dedicated to providing equal opportunities.

Who reads what I send you?

The Theatre Producer administrates all programme enquiries and submissions, and the whole Yard team share responsibility for reading scripts.

When will I hear back?

On sending, you should receive an automated message to let you know we’ve received your email. Please note that we are a small and busy team, and we try to get back to everyone within three months of sending.

Once a member of our core team has read your play/performance document/tour pack, you’ll receive an email or phone call letting you know.

What if I have an idea that I’d like to develop at The Yard but there’s no text yet.

Scripts or documents don’t have to be finished. You can send a fragment, an early draft or treatment and we’ll consider these for further development.

Can The Yard fund the development of my project, or produce my play in-house?

The Yard is not a regularly funded building, and our team work hard to secure financial support on a project by project basis. This means we have the resources to produce just 2-3 in-house productions a year, these are programmed at least 8 months in advance.

For other work we look to support collaborators with dramaturgical, marketing and technical support, advice on fundraising and work on a box-office split to share financial risk.

Whilst we continually strive to secure pots of money for our artist development model, we currently do not have the resources to financially support research and development for artists not currently part of The Yard’s programme, we hope this will change in the future.

What are your NOW Festivals and how do I send in a submission?

Each year The Yard produces our NOW Festival of New Work.

The NOW festivals are a celebration of everything we think is exciting about UK performance right NOW. Submissions open in late autumn, through which we programme five artists/companies for a one week run (5 performances) of a new show in the following spring. These artists/companies are partnered with a mentor, who also makes a new piece of work for the festival.

Please join our mailing list here to be amongst the first to hear when submissions open.

I’m a producer with a show and team that I would like to bring to The Yard (either as a premiere, transfer or as part of a short tour).

Great! Please send us as much information as you can to work@theyardtheatre.co.uk

I want to do a revival of a classic text/play older than ten years…

The Yard is primarily interested in contemporary performance. Whilst we are interested in adaptations and translations, we do not mount revivals of plays or musicals.

Do you take international work?

Absolutely, we are international in our approach, though please do send your text to us in English.