First Drafts is about the future of theatre. It is a chance for artists to try out a new idea on The Yard stage and is designed to fuel the growth of artists and their work by offering vital development and performance opportunities.

We asked some of the First Drafts artists to tell us a bit more about the idea they’ll be testing out and what impact they think First Drafts will have on their work.

Sarah Kosar, Human Suit

Friday 14 July, 7:30pm

Describe your First Drafts idea in three words

Women. Ambition. Cacti.

Tell us a bit more about your idea and what led you to make it.

From 2013 – 2016 I’ve had a series of bizarre, unexplained and difficult to connect health issues. Through my many trips to the doctors and seeing various specialists, I’ve developed some intense and unique relationships to my doctors. Following conversations with other women, I quickly realised that this was a phenomenon that many women I knew were also experiencing. The journey I was on resonated with our all female creative team and became a story we were all incredibly passionate about telling.

As a surrealist playwright, I like to play with juxtaposed images (in this case a doctor and a cactus!) and then slowly unpick the emotional truth I’m trying to personally understand. Human Suit will be a surreal journey about women, sickness, ambition and figuring out what makes us better.

Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist.

I am a surrealist playwright. I write plays about theatrical worlds that look like our own but whose twisted mechanics expose the absurdity of human behaviour through a surrealist register. My mission is to tell stories on stage that are theatrical, dangerous, teetering on the edge between beautiful and grotesque and could absolutely never ever be told in another medium.


Why do you think it’s important to put your idea in front of an audience & how do you think it will affect its development?

Theatre is a collaborative medium and at the centre of that collaboration is the play and the audience. As a playwright, I can only judge the success of my work by the audience’s engagement. The scale I utilise for my work? If they aren’t leaning in or pulling away, I’m not working hard enough. If we go to the theatre to escape, it’s my job to keep you in the moment and offer a visceral, honest experience.

What about First Drafts are you most excited about & what other shows are you most looking forward to?

As a big fan of The Yard and the bold artistic choices they advocate and present, I’m very excited to share Human Suit on their stage. It’s wonderful to be included in a line up alongside such talented artists. Some top highlights that I know won’t disappoint are Girl Meets Boy with Debbie Hannan (who I’m currently working on a new project with) and Cunt with Katherine Manners and Holly Race Roughan

Human Suit will be on as part of First Drafts on 17 July (7.30pm) and 19 July (9pm).

Sarah’s play Mumburger is also currently playing at the Old Red Lion from 27 June – 22 July. You can find out more here.