11 July – 4 August

Ideas first seen here will go on to form our programme over the next three years. If you’re looking for the future of theatre, The Yard is where you’ll find it.

Jay Miller
Artistic Director, The Yard Theatre

For six years, The Yard’s mission has been to invest in brave and bold new ideas from the writing and performance world. First Drafts will see over twenty artists perform new ideas in front of an audience for the first time.

The festival is a space to test new ideas from artists, combining the worlds of performance and script-based practices. It’s a festival of untested ideas. It’s a risk. And frankly, it could go either way. But it’s our job to take these risks. It’s also our job to invite you to take these risks with us.


11 July The Lady and The Unicorn, Emma Stirling

12 July Forge, Rachel Mars

13 July Give It Up, Joe Wild

14 July Call it a Day, Greg Wohead

17/19 July Human Suit, Sarah Kosar and Deirdre McLaughlin

18 July Yardlings

19/20 July Cove, Laura Burns

21/22 July The Act, Company Three

21/22 July You, Joe Harbot and Cheryl Gallacher

23/24 July My Kind of Michael, Nick Cassenbaum

24/26 July Girl Meets Boy, Debbie Hannan and the company

26 July Cunt, Katherine Manners and Holly Race Roughan

29/31 July Roulette Player, Ilinca Radulian

2 August The Orchard of Lost Souls, Fio