NOW 17

The Yard is looking for five new voices to take part in our NOW 17 Festival, our annual festival of new performance

NOW is a celebration, an explosion, a provocation.

It is five weeks of new performance, showcasing some of the most exciting artists working in the UK right now. It fills our theatre with energy and with ideas, as  artists are invited to combine forces and form double bills of shows which play in our theatre for five nights. The next festival, NOW 17, will be hosted at The Yard in Spring 2017.

To programme NOW we invite 5 artists who’ve been making work for a while to bring a show to our space. And we also open up submissions, inviting new artists to send us their ideas for new work. We read all the submissions, and we choose 5 artists who want to tell vital stories about our world today, or use our space in ways we’ve not seen before, or play with form and style.

We pair these artists together, and they support each other through the process, acting as mentor/mentee and coming together to form a double bill of shows which play for 5 nights on our stage during the festival.

What we’re looking for

        • Artists who see their work as sitting broadly within the worlds of live art/performance (not plays).
        • Work that is new (this can be the embryo of an idea at this stage).
        • Artists that would benefit from a mentor relationship.
        • Work that would benefit from a 5 night run in Spring 2017.
        • Work that feels completed – i.e. not scratches.
        • Artists who are starting out, having made up to one professional show before.
        • New ideas from artists, theatre makers, ensembles.

How do I apply?

Before you apply, please read the info pack thoroughly. It tells you all you need to do to apply to be part of the festival.

If you have any questions contact us at:

Submissions will close Wednesday 12 October at 10am.

Important dates

Artists Open Evening: Thurs 15 Sept, 5.30-7pm 

Submissions Open: 29 Sept

Submissions Deadline: Fri 12 Oct, 10am

Interviews: 17, 18, 19 Oct

Festival: Jan-March 2017 (a 5 week period in this time, tbc)