Autumn 2016


      • Artistic Director Jay Miller to direct The Yard’s fifth in house production, Removal Men, written by first time theatre writer and musician M. J. Harding, with Jay Miller.
      • The Yard’s commitment to collaborations continues: acclaimed women’s theatre company Clean Break presents the London premiere of House by Somalia Seaton and Amongst the Reeds by Chino Odimba, a double-bill directed by Clean Break’s Head of Artistic Programme, Róisín McBrinn.
      • New play Pilgrims written by Elinor Cook (winner of the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright) to be directed by Theatr Clwyd Artistic Director, Tamara Harvey.

Artistic Director Jay Miller announces the Autumn 2016 season of The Yard. Continuing its commitment to developing bold contemporary theatre with new artists, The Yard will produce Removal Men, an electrifying play with songs by debut theatre writer M. J. Harding, telling the story of Mo, a detention officer in an Immigration Removal Centre, and his warped love for Didi, a Druze detainee.

Following the critical success of The Mikvah Project and LINES, Removal Men will be Artistic Director Jay Miller’s third directorial credit for The Yard.

The Autumn Season also sees The Yard continue its commitment to collaborations with new partners, presenting work in association with Clean Break, and with Vicky Graham Productions/Theatre Clwyd/HighTide.

Artistic Director Jay Miller said:

“The Yard is five years old in July.  In five short years we have developed work that feels important, that feels raw, that might provoke some positive change. We have offered opportunities to artists who have gone out into the world better equipped to make the theatre we should be making.  And we have made all of this work accessible to our audiences.”

“This Autumn season I think continues to develop the principles with which we started. We want to tell stories that aren’t being told, we want to give people voices, we want to do that through collaboration and partnerships.”

“Removal Men will be a hilarious, remarkable, dangerous show, reflecting a confused society, deeply mired in systems that are difficult to understand. M. J. Harding is a brilliant human being from the squat and warehouse culture that is in danger of disappearing in London. I am working with Mike to make a theatre show that will be a sensuous provocation to reflect on where we are in England today.”

“Our continuing and meaningful relationships with friends, colleagues and comrades will continue.  Clean Break is a vital force in our theatre ecosystem, committed to developing women playwrights and producing new and original work. Somalia and Chino’s plays join the company’s exceptional canon of work telling unseen stories. And Elinor Cook is a wonderful writer who has made a script that is riveting in ambition and scope, which I am delighted Tamara is directing for Theatre Clwyd, HighTide and Vicky Graham Productions.”

“The Yard’s intent is clear; to build something better for all of us through the power of raw storytelling.”