The Yard’s Bank Holiday Warm Up!


Hello fellow Yard lovers.

We are happy to announce that we have 2 special FREE nights this weekend available for all to enjoy.

This spectacular weekend will bring you a bright and bubbly start to the bank holiday.

Starting with 0800 Dinosaur on Friday night from 10pm – 3am, Dan, Ben and Frank bring sounds to stimulate the mind, invigorate the body and enrich the soul all night long.

On Saturday night we have Hard Facts bringing you a full-on night full of non-stop beats and floor tapping.

HUNGRY? The Yard prides its self on feeding our fellow Yardies. We have Aroma Jamaica that will put the jerk back into your chicken.

Music nights this week: Comadisco & Crimes of the Future


Every weekend The Yard brings you two new spectacular, pulse pounding music events…



This Friday we have one of our faves ‘Comadisco’ return to The Yard for their monthly timing of exotic music and swerve grooves.

Comadisco will feature Mr. Ali Renault on decks and the word on the street is…

The last time he played for us there was a mini disco riot near the DJ booth where people were trying to get the name of the track while he was playing.

Be discreet because Fumix (Comadisco chief)  is on assisting duty working very hard not to pass out while on the decks and generally giving the crowd some love.

Don’t forget that this is a FREE event with lots of FREE hugs.

What can be better than that?



This Saturday we are happy to announce our new recruits ‘Crime of the Future’ bring their futuristic elements with the special sounds of Electronica, soundtrack and techno.

Crimes of the Future will be an adventure in itself and you are the prime suspects.

This will be Crimes of the Future’s first event in London with their DJs,

Scott Fraser & Timothy J Fairplayr taking control of the mixers and spinners.

Free entry all night from 10 – 3am

Don’t be stuck in the past come to Crimes of the Future.



4 daring new shows at #NOW15 for £15

Choose any 2 double bills from our entire programme of daring new theatre work at NOW ’15 festival.

NOW '15 montage

Each week of our ten-week festival offers a double-bill of inspiring, entertaining and daring new work, inspiring post-show discussions, live music ‘til late and delicious food cooked by our resident chefs; Aroma Jamaica.

Costa del Wick – 10 amazing things to do in Hackney Wick & Stratford #yardlove

The summer is nearly here & Hackney Wick is ready to celebrate. Here’s a plan for a perfect day out with 10 things to do in Hackney Wick.

For this guide we recommend arriving at at Stratford Underground Station & walking through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

  1. Swim in the colossal London Aquatics Centre
  2. Walk through/chill out in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to Hackney Wick & dare to go up the Arcelor Mittal Orbit (the big red thing!)
  3. Eat breakfast at Counter Cafe
  4. Take in some amazing art at Stour Space & Arebyte Gallery
  5. Lunch on pizza goodness at Crate Brewery with a locally-made cheeky pint
  6. Shop indie until you drop at The Wick, a new market & gig extravaganza
  7. Have a read of something different at LADA’s study room
  8. Go for a quickie by the canal at Number 90
  9. Eat a scrumptious pre-show jerk chicken dinner & see the future of theatre at The Yard Theatre
  10. Still got energy? Try a Yard music night

For loads more inspiration for things to do in Hackney Wick see

From top left: Stour Space, Arcelor Mittal Orbit, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, The Yard Theatre, Crate Brewery, LADA study room, Number 90 & Counter Cafe.

Untitled design (15)





This Friday is the Knickerbocker launch party, gracing us with a down to earth, wear what you want night for the gay London scene.


In fact the creators of Knickerbocker came up with this to create a space for ALL. Male, female or even alien. They want everyone no matter how outgoing or not, to have a space where they can be themselves.


Not to be judged is the most important thing about this night as well as the totally cool special guest DJ: Em Disco (Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest, Bunyz Bar) playing the very best in Electronic, Pop, House, Disco and Indie.


Come as you are. Wear what you want. This is a laid-back, no frills new night just playing great music for all kinds of queers. Remember Knickerbocker is a photo free zone!

KNICKERBOCKER                                                FACEBOOK EVENT



good block 18th

After their successful 3rd birthday party, Good Block will be joining the Yard again this Saturday for their spring party special ft. Sean P.

In the words of Charles Drakeford “If you ever get the opportunity to see this guy lay it down in the club, grab it with both hands and play a few games of Slam Ball with it”.


Playing alongside Sean P and Good Block DJs, will also be John Gomez! Host of Rush Hour’s NTS Radio show.

Good Block has been nice enough to grace us with a fruity promo vid, soulful mixcloud and great art work. And what’s more it just happens to all be FREE. Yes FREE, FREE all night.

Between the hours of 10pm and 3am your ears will blissfully melt away with the finest in Tropical, Soul and Boogie.






Good Block Mix 29 by Party Carter by Good Block on Mixcloud

THE THING with special guests SCULPTURE.


THE THING will be reborn again this Friday, 10pm at The Yard with special guests, Sculpture.

The Thing will be bring you some ear boggling Cameroonian synth funk, French cosmische boogie, fake Zairean glam stompers, chrome-plated Balearic synth pop, Lowland bath house bangers, rampantly indiscreet Afrobeat and not to mention the D.l.S.C.O is going to be off the Chain!

Sculpture recently did an interview with The Quietus to describe their: “all-encompasing, mind-unlocking, dance-starting, cortex-melting, immersive psychedelic events” READ IT HERE



Oto 190215 from Sculpture on Vimeo.

#NOW15 Interview #6: Sleepwalk Collective

Sammy from Sleepwalk Collective gave us this interview a few weeks ago ahead of Actress, which premieres at NOW’15 festival from 5-9 May 2015.

Week 4 - Sleepwalk Collective
What’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

We’ve been talking to The Yard for a couple of years about doing something here but it’s never quite worked out, so it’s lovely to be finally making it and with a new thing that we’re developing especially for the space.

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

Oh god, I don’t know, we’re still making it! Also we’re in kind of a weird place at the moment, a bit lost, a bit writers-block-d, pushing slowly through that, less sure of ourselves and what we’re doing than we’ve been in a long time, mostly flailing around in the dark, and so the thing’s coming together in fits and starts.

Best guess right now is, if we can make it to the performances without having some kind of nervous breakdown, it’s likely to be a small thing and a lo-fi thing and a solo thing that Iara performs (the first solo we’ve made since Amusements in 2012). The last few things we’ve made (Amusements, Karaoke in 2013, and Domestica last year) were all projects in thrall to the grinding machinery of theatre and entertainment, and now without departing too far from the language and obsessions that drove those shows, we know we want to make something simpler, gentler maybe, with a more palpably-human pulse to it.

If it comes out how we think we want it to, expect an oddness and a tenderness and an intoxicated kind of sadness, something about love and something about language. And if it doesn’t, then who knows what to expect. Either way we’ll likely be unraveling and/or coming apart a bit every night in some way or another, which should at least be fun to watch…

Describe your show in three words…

Lo-fi, dream-pop, romance.

Who or what inspires you?

My two favourite things I saw last year (this is Sammy speaking, btw) were Christopher Brett Bailey’s all-killer insta-classic This Is How We Die, and Kim Gordon’s new band Body/Head, who we saw play 45 unbroken minutes of mindblowing unstructured noise at deafening volume in Barcelona last summer. I’ve been thinking about both of those a lot during this whole Actress-making period (oh, and the generic-sounding title of the show is actually taken from a track on Body/Head’s Coming Apart). And then beyond those two there’s a whole jumble of stuff circling the work, slipping in and out of focus: right now for example I’m reading Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick, which was given to us by Gemma and Ixchel from mingbeast, and which is great; also Wittgenstein, who I’ve been reading a lot of recently as “research” although god knows if that’s going anywhere; also Nabokov, who casts a long shadow over just about everything I do; also Françoise Sagan, who’s novels I’m a sucker for; also Henry Darger’s In The Realms of The Unreal; also a Spanish company called El Conde de Torrefiel who’s work is phenomenal (look here:; also Nastassja Kinski’s performance in Cat People; also Brigitte Bardot’s performance in Et Dieu… créa la femme; and so on and on…

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

We saw and loved Project O at Cambridge Junction a couple of years ago, so I’m massively excited about seeing their new show (and I’ve heard rumours that it’s incredible…). Also I’m sure that whatever Lucy Hutson’s making is going to be ace.

Book online for Actress by Sleepwalk Collective here


Here East creative innovation centre supporting NOW ’15 festival


We’re incredibly proud to announce that Here East is our sponsor for NOW ’15 festival. It is heartening for us to have found a perfect match for the festival of the best new ideas from theatre artists.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East, said:

“We are delighted to announce that Here East will be sponsoring The Yard’s Now’15 festival and to support local organisations that represent and promote Hackney Wick’s unique creative environment.

The area is already renowned for its history and creativity and the NOW’15 festival is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible array of art and cultural talent that exists in the area to a wider audience.”

Here East is London’s home for making, located at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. It is a dedicated place for individuals and companies who embrace and pioneer technology, share expertise and are creating the products of tomorrow.

It is a unique campus where creative businesses growing in scale join businesses of scale growing in creativity. It is designed as a place for start-up, entrepreneurial businesses to co-exist and collaborate with global, established businesses and support genuine product innovation.


Here East provides over one million square feet of dedicated and versatile spaces for creative and digital companies including world-class arts companies such as Studio Wayne McGregor.


It combines unparalleled infrastructure with a unique environment to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Here East includes shared workspaces and public areas to foster a tight community, alongside a shared yard with space for discussion and events, a landscaped canal side and artisan cafes, shops and restaurants.

Here East is being developed by iCITY, a company owned by clients of Delancey, a specialist real estate investment and advisory company. For more information please see

#NOW15 Interview #5: Dog Kennel Hill Project

Dog Kennel Hill Project are heading to the Yard for week 3 of NOW’15. Here’s what they had to say about their show: Choreography of an Argument Round a Table.



What’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

We were invited and said yes.

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

Well dances with tables aren’t new – I can think of a few that even I have been in before, table dancing isn’t new either but I’ve not done that.

This show is really exciting to us though because we are really challenging ourselves to go into formalist crafting thats almost classical, working with things as compositional structures and being really conscious about rhythm, like proper hard work BUT inside of all that its a splurging messy rant about how were all just so full of opinions about everything and we’re all just trying to make ourselves feel like the cleverest and the sexiest and taking power from others and using all the lowest tricks to do that .. and we imagine that this piece its going to be full of contradictions because were so confused and don’t know what anythings about anymore and full of abject despair and glimpses of hope and that it will make us all laugh at ourselves and feel a bit dizzy and elated.

Describe your show in three words…

strict , messy, crisis

Who or what inspires you?

In no particular order:

The bath, the ocean, people, places, spaces, faces , traces, collective action, the 1970’s, Werner Herzog, David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovky, Public Enemy, Rammellzee, Lee Perry, 90’s Pirate radio, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Stewart Lee, Fred Astaire, my mates, P J Harvey, Wendy Houstoun, The Bauhaus, The Floyd, The Bush, Marina Abramovic, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Dostoyevski, journeys on trains, on foot, by bus or coach , journeys with my camera, adventures out there, adventures in here, sensing feeling knowing, thinking/not thinking, Dad & the wind in my face in a wild open place.

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

There are a lot of acts that are very new to us so we have the silly excitement of not knowing much and going by image and copy.

I like the look of week 2 but that might be the half seen breasts in the image, and I used to have a crush on Ponyboy Curtis so that teenage fantasy might work for me. King Arthur looks good! And those feisty Project O women. And so much of it looks so wild and funky we are thrilled to be part of that!

Book now for Choreography of an Argument Round a Table in week 3 of NOW’15 from 28 April.