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souththen soul fest

This bank holiday we have not only 2 big events but 3! We’re happy to announce that we’ve added an exclusive Easter Sunday special; Wah Wah 45s & Back2BackFM present… THE SOUTHERN SOUL FESTIVAL EASTER BANK HOLIDAY WARM UP!

This Sunday, The Yard is bringing you a taste of the Southern Soul Festival, a unique four-day musical extravaganza, held in June on the golden sands of the Dolcinium Kite Surfing Beach in Montenegro, close to the border with Albania.


Now in its third year, the festival has held court to the great and good of modern soulful music. From Alice Russell, Omar and Andrew Ashong, to Theo Parrish, Lefto and Osunlade, they’ve all graced this beautiful event on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and now is your chance to experience all this soul in Hackney Wick.


So… What better way to warm up than to dance From 8 till 3 with DJ sets from



Treat yourself to a luxury seven hour feast of Soul, Funk, Boogie, Electronica, Jazz and Afrobeats. So make yourself at home this Sunday from 8pm and get a taste of the sublime Southern Soul atmosphere.


PLUS: Arrive before 9pm and entry is FREE (after 9pm = £3)




#NOW15 Interview #4: Haranczak/Navarre (with Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin)

We caught up with Karen Christopher to talk about her new show ‘miles & miles’ which is in week 2 of NOW’15 festival at The Yard starting 21 April 2015…

Untitled design (3)
What’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

We attended some of the NOW performances last year and felt a kinship to some of the work being shown. We have been working in a studio nearby and so if feels as like The Yard is in our neighbourhood. They seem open to the idea of supporting work that is still rough and being worked on but which will benefit from a public airing. It seemed like a good fit for us.

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

Our show, miles & miles, is playing with the mechanisms of thought development or processing in the way that thoughts develop as photographs do (or used to). What do we see in our mind’s eye as information comes to us? How is it built from assumptions, influenced by a course of events, or changed by a switch of perspective? In miles & miles we are looking at the subtle sutures between reality and dream and between outer and inner realities and how these may or may not be shared or communicated.

We fear we will fall into one of the many holes life offers, we insist that the rope that ties your leg to my waist is there, somewhere, if not in real life, then in your brain. We fear death is so close, it comes toward us and then it sinks away again. In this piece life becomes a wave that washes back and forth. We will find out if the holes we fear are too deep to climb out of, or if they are filled with water we can swim in. We will find out whether the cliffs can be held on to, or whether the waves will crush us up against them. In this piece we learn to swim.

Describe your show in three words…

cliff dream rope

Who or what inspires you?

We are inspired by stories of people striving and spending hours to accomplish small triumphs. We are inspired by the bliss that is borne of giving in to tedious hours of boredom in the service of something worthwhile. We are inspired by the natural world and the straight lines and tangled curves it provides. We are inspired by chemical reactions. We are inspired by each other and by stories of the way others have managed to interpret the world including Henry Molaison, Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, Clifford Stoll, Radiolab, Jørgen Peder Steffensen, our own dreams and our own predicaments, William Shakespeare, and Alan Read. But those are just the ones who’ve inspired this particular set of thoughts. There are many others from all walks of life who have brought us to the place we are today.

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

Shows by Lucy Hutson, Ponyboy Curtis, Project ‘O’, Sleepwalk Collective, Luther & Bockelson, Natacha Bryan, Dog Kennel Hill, Highrise Theatre, Greg Wohead, Seke Chimutengwende & friends, and the Conker Group. But all of them, really.

Book tickets for week 2 here

#NOW15 Interview #3: Lucy Hutson

We spoke to Lucy Hutson about her show in week 2 of NOW’15 festival. She says ‘it’s a show about breasts, gender and using urinals. But mostly it is about baring all and coming clean.’. We can’t wait to hear more…

Week 2 - Lucy HutsonWhat’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

Bound started as a seed commissioned as part of Transforming Stories by Pink Fringe, Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mill Bradford. When I had finished the commission I felt as though there was more I wanted to add so iv’e been thinking about how my opinions on the subject have changed and how i can feed them bake into the show

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

It’s about how I feel about gender and my own gender some sometimes I can can tell you with my words but others its easier to show through action this show is a collection of films laid next to my live action it’s an invitation to look and to be observed. I am concerned with new and with keeping the show up to date with my current ideas of gender (which are constantly twisting within me) for this reason newer films critique old ones.

Describe your show in three words…
  1. green
  2. changing
  3. breasts
Who or what inspires you?

Most things.

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

SWAGGA from Project ‘O’ and miles & miles by Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin.

#NOW15 Interview #2: Drunken Chorus

We met up with Drunken Chorus to talk about their new show Just Like Larry Walters, which is inspired by a guy who flew up to the sky (aided by 45 weather balloons).

Week 1 - Drunken Chorus


What’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

We started making Just Like Larry Walters in May 2013, so it’s been quite a long process – as is the case with most of our shows. The performance developed in various different directions and the journey has been something of a winding path. To begin with, we wanted to make something uplifting, which is why we chose the story of Larry Walters. It wasn’t until part way through the process that we discovered the darker side of Larry’s story, which really defined the final direction of the show.

We’re now putting the final touches to the show, and can’t wait for the London premiere at the Yard. We saw a few shows at NOW ’14 and we’re chuffed to be part of this year’s programme.

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

The show is about an American truck driver named Larry Walters, who tied 45 weather balloons (filled with Helium!) to his garden chair, and flew into the sky. The show is also an attempt to create the best party ever – complete with music by Black Lace.

The terms of the show are laid out at the start: Chris wants to tell Larry’s story; Sheena wants to have the party. What follows is a complicated battle between the two performers to get their own way; with the added difficulty that neither wants to talk about ‘the ending’ – about what happened to Larry later in life, about what happened in the darkened forest, about not leaving a letter or explanation, about the gunshots and the silence.

The material, content and themes of the show are actually all old. The story of Larry Walters is from 1982, and Black Lace’s Agadoo (which you can hear 4 times in the show) was recorded in 1984. But there’s a sense of recycling with this show – a desperate attempt to combine these disparate elements into something new – something magical. In an age of channel hopping, instant music downloads, and viral videos of beheadings, tragedies and human endeavours in equal measures; everything becomes collage, and meanings of events are defined by the song playing in the background, or the celebrity who tweets about it first.

Describe your show in three words…

Best. Party. Ever.

Who or what inspires you?

Le Ballon Rouge. Julian Barnes. David Lynch. Black Lace. Johnny Cash. The dark forest. Johnny Cash. The film Up. Carol Van Deusen (Larry’s girlfriend). The Coen Brothers. Balloons. Badly framed photographs.

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

We’re really excited to see all of the shows in NOW ’15 and meeting all the other artists and their work, but we are most excited about double-billed with Luther and Bockelson.

Book tickets for Just Like Larry Walters here

#NOW15 Interview #1: Luther & Bockelson

We caught up with performance duo Luther & Bockelson to ask them about their NOW’15 show: Reformation 9 which is happening on the first week from 14 April 2015.


What’s your journey been getting to NOW’15, what brings you to The Yard?

We want to perform in the UK. We have never performed there before. We like the sound of The Yard. It sounds like it is full of anarchists and losers. These are our favourite kind of people.

Tell us about your show. What makes it new and why should someone come and see it?

We made this show for the people in the UK because we felt like they needed a revolution because they haven’t had one for a long time now. And then we thought maybe they didn’t want to a revolution so maybe we would just give them a party instead. It is both things. It is also a performance. We don’t know what will happen. We haven’t really made it yet.

Describe your show in three words…


Who or what inspires you?

The feeling when you bang your elbow and it really hurts but it hurts in a way that makes you laugh and you can’t stop laughing even though it still hurts.

What other shows in NOW’15 are you most looking forward to?

We are interested to see this Drunken Chorus that we are performing with. They have a very good name. Also Ponyboy Curtis. This is an excellent name. Names are important.

Book tickets for the Reformation in week 1 of NOW’15 here

Paradise Loft ft. Patrick Forge Preview

patrick forge

“As disco devotees might guess from the title, this funky party is influenced by the vibes of various seminal New York disco spots, such as Paradise Garage, The Loft and Studio 54.

Stepping up for a guest set at this edition is UK jazz and soul man Patrick Forge, former resident at the legendary Ding walls Sunday sessions and much-respected selector.”

***** Time Out London

The Yard is excited to announce that the New York inspired night will be joining us on Friday 27th March. 10 – 4am

What better way to enjoy your Friday night than by listening to the Paradise Loft DJ’s bring you the very best in Disco, House and Soul with special guest Patrick Forge.

Patrick Forge is a British jazz and soul music DJ who spent much of the late 1980s and early 1990s DJ’ing alongside Gilles Peterson at the famous Dingwalls club in Camden, North London. Now he can grace The Yard with his excellency.

“DON’T SLEEP!” As always tickets will SELL OUT in advance.


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This summer several artists and companies will present a series of intimate performances for individuals and small audiences that take work out of The Yard, into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and on to the streets of Hackney Wick.  Walkie Talkies are a chance to discover paths that lead to new worlds right on our doorstep.

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NOW’15 Festival Preview


NOW’15 returns from 14 April-20 June 2015 to bring the best of new contemporary theatre to East London.

This time, we’ve paired ten of the most exciting and influential artists of today with ten of the brightest young voices of the future.

Each week of our ten-week festival offers a double-bill of inspiring, entertaining and daring new work, inspiring post-show discussions, live music ‘til late and delicious food cooked by our resident chefs.


Book tickets here or click the show names below…

Here’s a quick summary of all the events happening as part of NOW 15 from 14 April 2015:

Week 1 – 14-18 April 2015

ANDYFIELD514x382 Week 1 - Drunken Chorus

Luther & Bockelson: Reformation 9

A rebellion party in a European style (with an introduction by Forest Fringe’s Andy Field).

Drunken Chorus: Just Like Larry Walters

Larry Walters takes to the skies in his garden chair…A show about human endeavour, party songs, gun shots, and a load of balloons.

Week 2 – 21-25 April 2015

Week 2 - Lucy Hutson 

Lucy Hutson: Bound

A show about the slippery nature of identities; the ones you give yourself, the ones forced onto you and the ones that were once strong and now you are just clinging to.

Haranczak/Navarre: miles & miles

We’ve got a rope and a pulley, we think we are navigating the cliffs, we are pausing for the skin to grow back on the tips of our fingers. A Haranczak/Navarre performance project duet with Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin.

Week 3 – 28 April-2 May 2015

Week 3 - Dog Kennel Hill Project 

Dog Kennel Hill Project: Choreography of an Argument Round a Table

6 people and a piano create a surprising and riotous choreographed physical performance investigating what it is to be in an argument and how we win and lose while our trousers are down.

Natacha Bryan: Nine Night

‘Nine Night is an acknowledgement and celebration of the life of Elsie Lacks – an African American child who died at age 15 in a mental health institution in Maryland US 1955.

Week 4 – 5-9 May 2015

Week 4 - Sleepwalk Collective Week 4 - Omar El-Khairy

Sleepwalk Collective: Actress

Actress is a new show about language and voice and slips of the tongue – a reckless, noisy, lovesick plunge into the messy heart of how we speak, and why.

Omar El-Khairy: The Chaplain: or, a short tale of how we learned to love good Muslims whilst torturing bad ones by 

Loosely inspired by the life of Yusuf Yee, a former United States Army chaplain who ministered to detainees held at Guantanamo Bay; The Chaplain… is a story of a man wrongly accused of treason.

Week 5 – 12-16 May 2015

Week 5 - Ponyboy Curtis Week 5 - Nicola Weston

Ponyboy Curtis: At the Yard

Ponyboy Curtis are a brand new ensemble, clinging together, embarking on a quest for something different.

Nicola Weston: Located in Transit

Located in Transit is a solo work which explores a recollected tale of love, obsession and longing set against a backdrop of the Air France crash of 2009.

Week 6 – 19-23 May 2015
Week 6 - Daniel Bye Week 6 - HighRise Theatre

Daniel Bye: Going Viral

Going Viral is a show about how things spread. Drawing on the science of epidemics, it explores the spread of disease, of panic, of ideas.

HighRise: Penny Lane

A hip/hop and reggae fuelled episode of Eastenders with more talent, and bigger parties.

Week 7 – 26-30 May 2015
Week 7 - Odd Comic Week 7 - Emilia Weber and Claire Healy

Odd Comic: My Champion Heartache

Odd Comic are searching The Yard for a missing pet and interpret the familiar yet absurd commitment between a pet, their owner and sometimes the neighbour.

Emilia Weber & Claire Healey: There They Carved A Space

Lyrical text, biography, video documentary, and found sounds combine to create a politically charged portrait of the urban landscape.

Week 8 – 2-6 June

Week 8 - Seke Chimuntengwende & Friends Week 8  - Melanie Lomoff

Seke Chimutengwende & Friends: King Arthur

A semi-improvised dance theatre show recounting the tale of King Arthur.

Melanie Lomoff: Always Easier for the Others

A choreographic piece that explores what can happen to a group of people after an unexplained disaster.

Week 9 – 9-13 June 2015

Week 9 - Greg Wohead Week 9 - FATLiP

Greg Wohead: Celebration, Florida

In this new work-in-development, Greg will speak through unrehearsed performers using pre-recorded audio and headphones in an attempt to wade through ideas of presence and absence, introversion and extroversion.

FATLiP: Lost Boy Sketches

Lost Boy Sketches is the first release from FATLiP aka FATLiPBMYTHICAL; a bunch of writers, composers and producers inspired by the artists they love such as Leonard Cohen, Conor Oberst, Etgar Keret, Beastie Boys, Charles Bukowski, Eels and Deftones.

Week 10 – 16-20 May 2015

Week 10 - Project 'O' Week 10 - The Conker Group

Project ‘O’: SWAGGA

Project O is the performative fruits of conversations between Alexandrina and Jamila. The collaboration aims to comment on the fallout from being black, mixed and female, to make positions of otherness visible so that they will eventually no longer seem ‘other’.

The Conker Group: Five Tins and A Matter of Time

A senior guest and two lads facing the inevitable. Teaming up with members of Hackney’s senior community, this inventive show features a different guest performer every night, experiencing the event for the first time on stage.

We ❤ BAC – Support the #BACphoenix – #yardlove


Our friends at the Battersea Arts Centre would like everyone to know the BAC is open to the public. Thanks to the brilliant efforts of the emergency services, the front half of the building was untouched by the fire on 13 March and has been declared safe.

“We are devastated by the fire at Battersea Arts Centre but relieved it hasn’t harmed spirit or resolve to make new theatre.  Please support this brilliant institution by going to see their shows.  The BAC is open, ready to show you the amazing work their artists are making, in their brilliantly beautiful building. Go.”

Jay Miller, Artistic Director, The Yard Theatre

You can support the BAC by booking for shows and visiting the venue. Many performances are running as planned and a few others are being re-housed.

To see a list of the shows you can book for CLICK HERE

For more information on how you can help, you can read David Jubb, Battersea Arts Centre’s Artistic Director’s blog post >>


The Mikvah Project extends its run until 21 March 2015


Due to phenomenal demand following its critical and audience acclaim, The Mikvah Project is now extending its run until 21st March 2015.

Tickets have just been released for Tuesday 17th-Saturday 21st March 2015 and are available to book online.

More info and ticket booking

★★★★★ Everything Theatre ★★★★ Time Out ★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ Gay Times ★★★★ Theatre Bubble ★★★★ Exeunt

“Does love have a limit and can you reach a state of perfection? Find out in The Mikvah Project at The Yard, one of London’s most exciting new theatres.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Every moment feels rich with meaning,”

Time Out

“Miller’s assured direction delivers maximum poignancy.”

The Stage

“exquisite live-mixed music, resulting in a soporific soundscape that beckons and beguiles.”

Gay Times