Reviews for Stink Foot


★★★★ “Proof Greek tragedy can work for a modern audience.” – The Stage
★★★★ “Hypnotic” and “imaginative” – Theatre Bubble
★★★★ “Ingenious” “Mesmerising” and “funny” – LondonTheatre1

Nominated for 3 Off West End Awards



A savvy, gross, messy #StinkFoot @YardTheatre feels like a pretty good reason to #LoveTheatre tonight.

Great #StinkFoot @YardTheatre = live art & synesthetic threats with humour and the great conflict of Classic Greek tragedy. High risk!

#StinkFoot @YardTheatre was fantastic gr8 use of lighting. As well as an entertaining & humorous modern take on Greek mythology.

Well I didn’t know what to expect but have been quite blown away?! Watch out for my review later @YardTheatre #StinkFoot

Loved #StinkFoot and the fantastic @YardTheatre – amazing performance space in totally unexpected area. #CoolerThanMe

@YardTheatre really enjoyed Stink Foot this evening. Messy and painfully funny. A triumph by @mrjeffjames

An extraordinary evening @YardTheatre. I’ll be thinking about #StinkFoot for some time to come. Down-to-earth, yet unearthly.

The costumes in #stinkfoot @YardTheatre are genius. Misteeq meets Mrs Trunchbull

Stink Foot by @mrjeffjames @YardTheatre is great! one of the most hilarious endings ever ft piano house made by the one & only @_jonmac_

What an absolutely absurd and thrilling evening of theatre @YardTheatre #StinkFoot Proud seeing a fellow LAMDA actor in this amazing piece

Really enjoyed #StinkFoot last night @YardTheatre. Very messy in the best of ways, and definitely bold and original.

Jay Miller talks to The Stage

The Yard’s Artistic Director Jay Miller spoke to Catherine Love for The Stage about taking risks, supporting artists and creating a space which feels like an experience. Click the article below to view it in full screen.  Jay Stage 30-10-14