What’s next at The Yard?

Following the success of the critically acclaimed Beyond Caring, we are thrilled to announce the first two productions of our Autumn season.

These are your lives.
Tuesday 9 September – Saturday 4 October

Following a sell-out work-in-development run in 2013, Geste Records return with a dark and spectacular show about a man caught in the spectacular apertures of show culture.

Incorporating a script courtesy of Tom Cruise, re-interpreted iconic film scenes and a live choral soundtrack, These are your lives. tells the story of celebrity; its birth, its life, its destruction and its resurrection.

The Hundred We Are

Tuesday 14 October – Saturday 8 November

Hobo Theatre in association with The Yard Theatre present this award-winning play by leading Swedish playwright, Jonas Hassen Khemiri.

Meet a trio of women: a young revolutionary, a middle-aged comfort junkie and an old truth seeker. Three individuals who are, in fact, the same person. Faced with this identity crisis, the three women battle to define themselves by re-telling the various versions of their life story. But whose story is true? And whose story will win?

Translated by Frank Perry and directed by Jamie Harper, this production reunites the team that previously collaborated on the critically acclaimed Invasion! (★★★★ “Perfect” – Time Out).

Early bird offer: Book tickets for either show before Tuesday 26 August & pay just £10.

Final week of Beyond Caring: What Our Audiences Say

With just one week left to catch Beyond Caring, see what our audiences have been saying about the show on twitter…

@Becca_DP I cannot recommend ‪#BeyondCaring at ‪@YardTheatre strongly enough. Really brilliant.

@WILKINSONLondon We highly recommend seeing ‪#BeyondCaring ‪@YardTheatre, Hackney Wick. Brilliant production, ends 26 July.

@miss_orourke‬ Blown away by ‪#BeyondCaring ‪@YardTheatre, a really important piece of theatre that should be seen by everyone

‪#beyondcaring ‪@YardTheatre is…quite something. Also, great ‪@TheatreDialogue – thanks ‪@jakeyoh & ‪@maddydeliqette! (And to Maddy for cake)

@adhugheswriter Fantastic evening at ‪@YardTheatre watching ‪#BeyondCaring. Really moving piece of theatre that was scarily relevant.

@GavurinPaul Theatre rarely stimulates political debate. #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre an exception. Great piece from @paulmasonnews

“Progress is made through the encountering of others, in new places, in new times, with new people.”

The Yard’s Artistic Director, Jay Miller, was lucky enough to travel to Brazil in April with the British Council, in order to meet and share ideas with Brazilian artists, across cultural industries.

In this article, which Jay wrote for Exeunt Magazine, he looks back on the inspiring people he met during his time in Brazil, such as Marco Faustini, who founded the The Agency, and Rodolpho, who started the theatre ‘Satyros’ project in President Roosevelt Square.

Read the full article here.


Meet Rhys, our new Technical Manager

We caught up with Rhys Denegri to see how he’s been getting on as the newest member of The Yard team…


Rosanna: Hi Rhys, you’ve recently joined the ranks at The Yard as Technical Manager; how have you found it so far?

Rhys: It’s great! When I first got here, I felt a bit like a kid on a treasure hunt, sorting through what I had to work with and finding all sorts, in numerous hiding places all over.

Rosanna: Whereabouts are you from originally?

Rhys: Originally I’m from Essex, Braintree to be exact, which most people have never heard of…

Rosanna: I think I…nope – sorry. What were you up to prior to joining us?

Rhys: Before coming to The Yard I was working at the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn Garden City, as well as doing other casual work in London.

Rosanna: What’s the most demanding show you’ve had to work on as a Techie?

Rhys: The most demanding – I’m not sure – there’s lots of demanding parts to every show, but I suppose for me it would have to be when I was at RADA – I worked on the set for the directors’ shows in repertory; three shows, with two every night in rotation. In one venue. One had a floor to ceiling wall that cut through the middle of the stage. Another consisted of five very large platforms of supported cardboard boxes, with over-lapping drop boxes and flying structures all over the place.

Rosanna: Sounds complicated! What do you like to get up to when you’re not at The Yard?

Rhys: Dancing! Whenever I can get the chance to dance, that’s what I’ll be doing! It’s just so relaxing to be moving to the music of that moment.

Rosanna: Well, there’s plenty of opportunity for dancing at The Yard. What kind of dancing do you do?

Rhys: I do eight different styles of dance; Ballroom, Latin, Modern Sequence, Old Time, Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, and West Coast Swing.

Rosanna: Wow! And what does ‘Modern Sequence’ entail?

Rhys: Modern sequence is a specific routine repeated every 16 bars within a piece of music – so everyone on the floor is dancing the same moves, which makes it hard to stand out – you have to have excellent technique.

Rosanna: So will we be seeing you on Strictly anytime soon?

Rhys: No, I don’t think so. I do the odd competition from time to time though. The last one I did was in Blackpool, and me and my partner ranked in the top ten nationally!

Rosanna: Well done – that’s amazing. Thanks Rhys, I’ll let you get back to your rummaging now.




What our Beyond Caring audiences are saying… #2

‪@Outbox_Theatre‬ #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre Go and see it! Powerful, brutally honest, a little bit heart-breaking

‪@123alexgreen‬ Feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. Stunning. The kind of theatre that makes clapping at the end seem futile. #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre

@CeridwenSmith Just witnessed the incredible piece of theatre that is #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre Anyone who cares about anything must watch this play.

‪@garethsmith2012  Just seen #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre what an absolutely brilliant piece of theatre. Thought provoking, depressing and so hard hitting

‪@cjarmbruster‬ For great, politically relevant theatre, with excellent performances – I encourage everyone to see #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre #5stars

@soph_nurse‬ Completely blown away by #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre Lost for words. See this play. Incredible.

‪@gabiquevedo78‬ #BeyondCaring’s raw portray of precarity will leave you unsettled- and with good reason. Thanks @YardTheatre for inviting @CLAUKLondon

@TamarSaphra Inspiring evening @YardTheatre Transfixing stage craft. Zero hrs seemed the route into a deeper set picture of human isolation #beyondcaring

@georgewigzell Beyond Caring @YardTheatre last night was fascinating: stark, gripping & poignant. Spot-on performances and tightly directed.

What our #BeyondCaring audiences are saying…

‪@smartgiles This is a really wonderful piece of theatre – a must see @YardTheatre

@lyngardner Beyond Caring @YardTheatre is quietly under-stated and quietly devastating glimpse of life on zero hrs contracts

@jsfinney Still thinking about #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre: subtle, evocative, beautifully acted. (The bar’s casava chips are also excellent.) #gosee

@edstambo Go and see Beyond Caring @YardTheatre. It’s sort of mesmeric. Funny, bleak and stinking of bleach. Still digesting this rather special show.

@johannehauge Just saw #BeyondCaring at @YardTheatre, extremely well acted. Feel heartbroken, totally cried.

@velvetyFM #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre #ICARE!!
Very moving performance #zerohours are not caring for employees or organisations.

@lk_jennings Thoroughly recommend grabbing a ticket for #beyondcaring at @YardTheatre. A powerful play about cleaners on #zerohourcontracts

@emmadeang Well worth seeing strong, poignant #BeyondCaring at @YardTheatre about workers on zero-hour contracts – a play that makes you stop & think

@tomcopley Enjoyed my first trip to @YardTheatre. #BeyondCaring an interesting and powerful play about factory workers working on zero hours contracts

@Hannah_Sheath Don’t miss #beyondcaring @YardTheatre – brilliant, moving play about cleaners on #zerohourcontracts – a must see!

@Michael30517721 @YardTheatre Watched #BeyondCaring for the 2nd time. This play demands to be seen BY EVERYONE. Heart-breaking & damning in equal measure.

@FranABox Please go and see #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre… funny, moving and discussing an issue that needs to be discussed! #zerohourcontracts

@JessJ1s Powerful evening of theatre with @Sophie_Cairns. #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre was truthful through it’s comedy and destruction. Go and see.

@Maria_MillerMP @YardTheatre #beyondcaring brilliant and challenging production, highlights powerful issues

@chazma85 Absolutely LOVED Beyond Caring @YardTheatre bleak, brutal, brilliantly acted, perfect, GO! Book a ticket NOW!

@Danielle3Nott I can’t recommend #beyondcaring at the @YardTheatre enough. It’s excruciatingly truthful. I did and didn’t want it to end. Go see!

@I_AM_MISTER_V Excellent play with a strong message @YardTheatre #BeyondCaring we need more of this, please go see it…

@IsleyLynn #BeyondCaring @YardTheatre is incredible. I was absolutely hooked throughout. Extremely well-wrought & beyond moving. V powerful, see it!

See what the press are saying about Beyond Caring…

★★★★☆“ [Beyond Caring] has drive and purpose, and a social conscience.”
The Stage 

★★★☆☆ “Beyond Caring seethes. It brings your blood to boiling point.”
Time Out

“Quietly devastating” “Each performance is minutely textured”

“Glittering shards of humanity splinter up through the decay”
Dan Hutton

★★★★☆ “A bang-on depiction of frustration & powerlessness”
The Upcoming

★★★★☆” Agonizing and loving” “Heart wrenching”