Scan Artists: Audience Feedback

The Bridge Theatre Company production of Scan Artists has really got our audiences talking. We are so pleased that the young company are receiving so much great audience feedback. We thought we’d share some of it with you..

‪@KathieEClark‬ Absolutely blown away by #ScanArtists @YardTheatre – great script and very talented cast. Tickets selling fast – not surprised! ‪@jakehdavies‬

‪@JoePituraRiley‬ Go see #ScanArtists at @YardTheatre ! Amazingly written and acted. Probably my favourite piece I’ve seen this year!

@WendyDowning2‬ @BridgeTheatre_ ..great performance of Scan Artists – poignant and witty – shall be booking my ticket for a second viewing.

#ScanArtists was an astounding production by @BridgeTheatre_ cast and script was amazing. It’s hard to express how good it was. GO SEE IT! ‪@parchh‬

An outstanding performance by @BridgeTheatre_ at @YardTheatre @TheBRITSchool should be proud ! #scanartists funny/emotional/heartwarming

Scan Artists is presented at The Yard until Saturday 10 May.

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Now on sale: Scan Artists by Evan Placey

When faced with the ‘Big C’, how do a group of teenagers seek to define themselves beyond the label of their illness?
That’s the question asked in award-winning playwright, Evan Placey’s play, Scan Artists. This new piece of work, presented by The Bridge Theatre Company, (students of the renowned BRIT School), explores the reality of young people living with cancer, breaking taboos and addressing the impact this devastating illness has on the lives of countless young people across the UK.

The Bridge Theatre Company are a group of 18 year old actors based at The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology.  Talking about the new piece, Evan Placey, playwright says “The young BRIT actors bring a rawness and an energy to the piece that allows truth to come through. It’s also a rare opportunity to get to work with emerging young actors, and the talent of tomorrow. I think the play is relevant to young adults and (old) adults alike. Even when we’re all grown-up we still sometimes forget to stop and take stock of our lives, question who we are, and who we want to be/what we want from life. Through young characters battling cancer, part of their journey is facing these big questions.”

The Yard continues to be a home for new work in London and we are delighted that the young emerging talents from the BRIT School chose to use our theatre space to premiere this new piece.
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Audience Feedback: This is the Moon, That is the Earth (We Are Here, We Are Here)

This is the Moon, That is the Earth (We Are Here, We Are Here) runs at The Yard from 8 – 12 April. Following their work-in-progress showings at Ovalhouse, Matt and Matthew A.K.A Gameshow, asked for feedback from their audiences. This is what some of them had to say…

  • “A VERY enjoyable, exciting, though-provoking and messy way to spend an hour. I LOVE how much you are playing with each other and with your audiences. It all feels VERY loaded and exciting.”
  • “You really won me over. Hilarious (in all senses) and moving”
  • “You are brilliant together… Alongside the show addressing the desire to be famous and childhood dreaming I thought it made inroads into talking about masculinity, concepts of what a man should do and male competition.”
  • “I had fun… It reminded me of that kids book about the bear that wanted to go into space with a box on his head… like that book but on acid.”
  • “An inspiration to maybe go out and do something very dangerous and reckless””It really made me think – friendships, relationships, play, how you value yourself”
  • “You’ve got a good thing going, whatever it is.”
  • “I was scared/excited you might get totally naked.””Delicately arranged. I enjoyed being led on imaginary geographical expeditions. I like the idea of a friendship under pressure and the context of this being played out in space feels strong.”

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