What our audiences are saying: Week 6 of N.O.W ’14

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  • ‪‪@Tommy_Murray1‬ Interesting stuff from @richardpettifer at @YardTheatre last night. Put the idea of a performance in a whole new perspective for me. #yard
  • ‪‪@HannaQuigley1‬ Totally recommend you catch #das_spiel with @PhilippOberlohr @YardTheatre ends this Saturday…totally engaging, fun & surprising.
  • ‪‪@magichristopher Refreshing and creative interactive magic @YardTheatre. Only two nights left, catch it! #DasSpiel das-spiel.org
  • ‬‪‪‪@theatreofwords Greatly enjoyed show tonight @YardTheatre – super story telling in a fab space.
  • ‬‪‪‪‪@B_e_r_n_‬ Go see Das Spiel by @PhilippOberlohr and #EndofSpecies by @richardpettifer today or tomorrow @YardTheatre before the world ends! #NOW14.


What our audiences are saying: Week 5 of N.O.W ’14

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  • ‪@bhayes89 @RobertAuton has a face. He also has a show about his face and other peoples faces. It’s bloody fantastic instagram.com/p/lN6G-EK9lm/
  • ‪@rannygazool The two shows on @YardTheatre this week are both extremely well crafted and performed. Can’t recommend going highly enough. @StampEllie
  • ‪@EelEnimsaj Great night @YardTheatre with @SadieEdginton awesome double bill from @RobertAuton and @StampEllie! #now2014
  • ‪@rannygazool @RobertAuton best show I’ve seen in a while. Congrats and good luck going forward with it.
  • @jensomelunn Great show by @StampEllie tonight. Can’t stop singing suspicious lives! And seeing meaning in numbers everywhere!! Xx
  • ‪@TomAdamsSeagull Well done @RobertAuton I could watch you say your words for hours.
  • ‪@YveBlake Humans of LDN, see @RobAuton’s FACE SHOW & @StampEllie’s ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT @YardTheatre before sat. They will help you be Human.
  • ‪@YveBlake ps. book now for @StampEllie’s ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT quick smart @YardTheatre because I’m pretty confident this funfest will explode.
  • ‪@SadieEdginton @EelEnimsaj @YardTheatre @RobertAuton @StampEllie Yeah!!! Loved it. Rob so funny and Ellie so elvis…
  • ‬‪‪@LaurieBolger Life is about powerful people who affect you, no bullshit. @RobertAuton is 1 of those. Go & see his show @YardTheatre #faces
  • ‪‪@JennyJenTyler‬ Thank u @RobertAuton & @StampEllie for 2 very thought-provoking, entertaining & moving shows @YardTheatre 1st visit & can’t wait to go back!
  • ‬‪‪‪@jamestfritz‬ So @StampEllie has a cracker of a show going on over at @YardTheatre . On all this week so go. The kitchen is also serving a lot of cheese.

N.O.W ’14 Week 5 : The Face Show & Are You Lonesome Tonight runs until Saturday 8 March.