Announcing N.O.W ’14… A New Collection for the New Year!

Farewell 2013 and HELLO 2014…

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s with immense happiness that we look back on the past twelve months, the new pieces developed here, the hundreds of talented emerging artists we’ve been lucky enough to work with and the thousands of friends we’ve welcomed through our doors. This year has been a blast. Thank you to everyone who has made it so wonderful.

But before we close the door on 2013, we want to tell you that the forthcoming year at The Yard is looking even bigger and brighter than the last…

2014 at The Yard is kicking off with twenty incredible emerging artists and twenty brilliant new shows! Nurturing brilliant new work is what we love. That’s why, for our first collection of 2014, we’re filling the theatre with new voices. And these new voices are angrier voices, voices that need to be heard. This is our most politically-engaged collection to date.

This is N.O.W 14.

Tickets are on sale and cost just £10 for 2 brilliant shows…A perfect present for a friend or loved one (if we do say so ourselves!)

Sound good? Then head to our website for more info and book your tickets now.

Meet… Grandpa Things #PiedPiper

“Muffles…What was I saying?”

Name: Grandpa Things

Occupation: Retired

Greatest Strength: Loyalty- particularly to his Grandson, Muffles

Biggest Weakness: His memory/ Hearing / Eyesight

Favourite place: His own front room

Worst fear: Being forced to evacuate Hamlyn

Meet… Eve #PiedPiper

“Are you going to carry on being a massive dick? Or are you going to cheer up?”

Name: Eve

Occupation: Student

Greatest Strength: Diplomacy

Biggest Weakness: Worrying about what other people think of her.

Favourite place: Gentle Park, just before curfew, when the children have all gone home

Worst fear: Turning into her mum

Meet… Mark #PiedPiper

“It doesn’t matter what other people think or want or like. It’s you that matters. Only you.”

Name: Mark
Occupation: Unemployed (Previously an employee of the café that closed down)
Greatest Strength: Openness and honesty
Biggest Weakness: Openness and honesty
Favourite place: The high wall on the edge of the town where he can sit alone with Eve.
Worst fear: Letting down his little brother, Phil.

Meet… The Mayor #PiedPiper



Occupation: Mayor

Greatest strength: Wanting to make people happy

Biggest Weakness:
Burying his head in the sand and hoping all his problems will go away.

Favourite place
: The pub and The gastro pub

Worst fear: Failing to protect his town from rats and being seen as a failure

Meet… Lizzie #PiedPiper

“Don’t forget to seal the door on your way out… and put your boots on… and take a RAD 10!”

Name: Lizzie
Occupation: Company Director- Inventor of the RAD 10 Rat Deterrent System
Greatest strength: Energy, drive and ambition
Biggest Weakness: Inability to trust those she loves
Favourite place: The garden
Worst fear: That her daughter will make the same mistakes she made