Coming up next in The Generation Game… a celebration of movement.

Week 5 of The Generation Game is a celebration of movement: a double bill of intensely physical solo performances. For five nights, a human parasite and a faceless control machine take over our theatre.
Perhaps we should be afraid. We’re not. We can’t wait.

The Inquiline
28 May – 1 June, 7:30pm

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Funny and alarming all at once, this extraordinary physical solo show is about the life of a human parasite who, rather than being born, became someone else. A thought-provoking story about the cruelty of survival.

“a physically monumental one-man performance… Perfect.”
-Dresdner Kulturmagazin

Ah Pook is Here
28 May – 1 June, 9pm

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Ah Pook is the Mayan god of death. John Stanley Hart is a newspaper tycoon, obsessed with immortality. Freed from time, the characters inhabiting the unfinished, unpublished graphic novel by William Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill stumble to the surface. This intricate performance scrawls a sinister tale of control, decay and apocalyptic destruction.

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Memories, meditation and a giant orange cast iron moose: welcome, week 3!

Do you remember that little town in Wisconsin, Black River Falls?

Do you remember how, as a child in the seventies, your family would visit Black River Falls every year, lured off the motorway by that giant orange cast-iron moose?

And how your sister moved there and married the same Albanian man three times?

Bob Karper does. He remembers it like it was yesterday. And he’s made a play we’d love you to see.

Sarah Johns Music Party also wants to take us on a journey. But this time it’s to the very centre of our own imaginations.
Luckily, we’ll be in the safe hands of our guide: the man, the legend that is BRUCE.

In a image-obsessed world, are we ready to stop taking life at face value? In this part-performance, part-meditation, we follow BRUCE as he illuminates the path to an internal world of the senses.

These shows are only on until Saturday, so leave the unseasonable weather outside and let The Yard lighten your spirit!

Black River Falls and BRUCE
Tuesday 14 – Saturday 18 May from 7:30pm

Remember, you can see both shows for just £10!


We’re half way to winter warmth!

We are nearly half way to our fundraising target in our quest to insulate The Yard, allowing us to stay open all year round!

And what’s more, there has been a pretty dramatic twist in the tale… were only on the BBC NEWS!! (That’s BBC as in British Broadcasting Corporation, not Beresford Badminton Club!)

If you saw it, you’ll know how vital it is for us to be able to stay open and functioning throughout the winter… this is a massive deal for us, and a huge challenge.

We need to buy a lot of wool to insulate our building. Will you join us in our quest? Help us reach the summit of our woolly Everest?

A few quid will make a massive difference to our cause… Thank you!

Find out more and make a pledge.

The Generation Game is here. And it’s beautiful.

It’s finally here. And it’s even more beautiful than we expected.

After a whirlwind week of packed Generation Game performances and late nights dancing in the bar, we thought we’d leave it to the people who’ve been visiting and tweeting about us this week to tell you about week 1.

Reviews in under 140 characters.

What we’re interested in is consistency…

Which brings me on to week Two of The Generation Game

These guys are doing very big things in our little theatre.
Talking to us about empathy, memory, and our connections with the people around us, the shows are looking a little bit like this…

Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 May – 7:30 pm

Touching Distance by Switchback combines original material from The Great Diary Project with stories, dance, images and music to create a vivid collage of emotional worlds exploring the extent to which we can ever, truly, empathise with others. We see emotions in others every day. We recognise them. But do we feel them?

Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 May – 9 pm

The Unhidden Collective (The Fish Tales of Alaska) return to The Yard with a visually stunning and profoundly moving new show, Finding Frank. Using testimonies of people living with mental health issues, this compelling performance tells the story of an elderly man, a young music facilitator, and the relationship they make through music.

Remember, you can see both shows for just £10!


“At The Yard we don’t know what we’re doing”

In a What’s On Stage guest blog, Artistic Director of The Yard Jay Miller talks chaos, creativity and why building a theatre in a recession was the best terrible decision he ever made!

” In this space where rules don’t exist, new things will start to happen.”

Read the full blog entry here.