The Generation Game; a collection of new work for the theatre

A collection of new work for the theatre. We have called this collection The Generation Game.

Ten weeks of performance under one tin roof.

Earlier this year we threw our net wide, asking everyone, anyone to send us ideas responding to the theme ‘The Generation Game’.

These shows are a little bigger, a little braver, a little bit more wonderful than you’ll find elsewhere.
Each show, in its own inimitable way, is about who we are today, where we’ve been and where we might be going.

And, like every show at The Yard, they are demonstrative of what theatre might look like in the future. Just like other artists that first started working at The Yard, we are confident that some of those who form part of The Generation Game will be on bigger stages, in front of fatter cameras and receiving valuable awards sometime soon.

So, you’d best see them now, before it’s too late…