All the news and reviews from Qudz, plus a mouth-watering Middle Eastern meal deal!

We’d like to tell you a story.

This is a story of a land caught between opposing ideologies- a country on the brink.
This is a story of a young man and his search for The Truth amid the horror and corruption of war.
This is an epic journey down an ancient river and into the unknown.

This is Iraq. This is Qudz.

“A powerful and moving production that offers a much-needed alternative to the neo-liberal vision of “democracy at all costs””
-The Arab Review

“A well-performed and incredibly interesting work which fully explores the potential of The Yard’s unique space…”
-One Stop Arts

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Here at The Yard we know that a wonderful play is best complimented by a wonderful meal!
So, as the evenings start to draw in, how about a mouth-watering Middle Eastern feast to help ease you into winter?
And because we’re nice and we like you, we’ve gone and made not one but two special meal deals…

£10 = Your ticket + a hearty snack of fresh bread with olive oil & zatar.
£14 = Your ticket + a feast consisting of any 1 large dish & any 1 small dish from our menu!

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