Heaven is a Place in Hackney!

HEAVEN opens at The Yard this week!

Heaven is a Place on Earth: A Festival of Performance
25 September – 13 October

Bringing together a wonderfully eclectic mix of artists and companies, Heaven lays out a tantalising feast of opera, puppetry, animation, group sing-alongs, protests and more- all coming together in celebration and exploration of Faith.

We spend our lives guarding, losing, pursuing and occasionally misplacing it.
Now, we’re asking some questions about it.

In an increasingly secular world, and one in which politics is dead, where do we place our faith?

The first two shows of the festival want to take us on big journeys to strange places. They want us to laugh and shout and get lost with them.
But most of all, they want to share stories with us: stories of giant rattlesnakes, haunted socks and the long distance from home.

These are two brand new shows from two ridiculously talented artists: Two men’s stories of faith and spirituality in an unbelieving world.


John-Luke Roberts is a writer for Radio 4′s The News Quiz and his first solo show ‘Distracts You From a Murder’ was called a ‘brilliant solo debut’ by the Independent.
Greg Wohead is an Artistic Associate at The Yard and has shown work at Battersea Arts Centre, The Basement, Stoke Newington International Airport, Camden People’s Theatre.

5 stars for Game of Life!

Hello everyone,

Game of Life is now in its final week at The Yard, and we think it is simply wonderful.

But don’t take our word for it…

“Well-researched, cleverly constructed and superbly acted out… a rather innovative and magical piece of theatre”
* * * * * One Stop Arts
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“It’s a remarkable piece of scripting… a superb new play at one of London’s quirkiest fringe venues.”
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“All the characters are beautifully crafted…The scenes are interwoven by an exceptional script”
The London Word
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“…a brilliantly constructed and performed piece of theatre.”
* * * *Exeunt
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And if you’re still not convinced, see what a REAL audience REALLY made of the show!