Workshopping With the Ensemble

This is the first of what will hopefully be many posts about what The Yard Ensemble is up to.

The Yard Ensemble is the community of artists making work at The Yard this season. It’s a hugely varied group of directors, actors, writers, dancers and other makers and artists, and because of that we’re making opportunities to get together, share skills and influence each others’ work. This year we’re exploring how an eclectic group of artists, all of whom are making work for The Yard, can form relationships and cross-pollinate between disciplines. It was exciting to see this idea start to take shape.

One of the first of these get-togethers recently took place when Yard artist Dominic Francis led a workshop on how to facilitate workshops.

The ensemble will be partnering local community centres, and this involves the delivery of free workshops about different areas of their work. The content of these workshops will reflect the ensemble’s wide range of disciplines.